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WordPress web design rules for 2018 and beyond

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Technology is an amazingly fast-growing field. Specifically, in the website system development, WordPress is on the journey of dominating the share in e-commerce platform market thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Besides these core values, there are some special rules that will help WordPress lead the market and we will clarify in this post:

WordPress web design rules for 2018 and beyond

1. Drag and drop function

This is one of the most outstanding features that make WordPress become so famous for easy-to-use. Users can drag the files and drop them on the backend panel without any difficulties or changing any line of code. Incorporating and using media files and images for your website design will be easier than ever before without changing the internal structure of the website. Users can build simple or complicated websites depend on their requirements.

2. Video headers for WordPress

Regardless of e-commerce platforms, you use to build a website, always keep in mind that video and rich media will continue to dominate the web design in the time to come. WordPress is expected to take more advantages of videos by using videos in the headers and this might become the hot trend in 2018 and beyond, WordPress developers will make it easier to add videos into themes.

3. Parallax scrolling

Typical one-page look and feel is the hot trend among web developers and parallax scrolling will support this design to become more effective with a distinctly responsive look and feel. Parallax scrolling can ensure the engagement and interaction with the users because it creates depth and interactive aspect. I believe that from 2018, we will observe more and more WordPress e-commerce websites use parallax scrolling.

4. Whitespace

Adding a lot of vivid things on a web page is never a great idea, it will disturb customers’ concentration. In this case, whitespace is still useful in creating clarity and cleanliness for your website and they are also the crucial criteria that determine who win in the race of striving to achieve in look and feel. A lot of vacant space on your website helps the users settle their attention easily while making the least distraction.

5. Animated elements

Animation has been a hot trend for 2 years and in 2018 and the next years, we can expect several new tweaks to this trend. Nowadays, WordPress allows web designers to employ more complex animation design techniques to stand out among the crowd. Slow animation and brief storytelling with animation can be further tweaked and introduced more appealingly.

6. Minimalism

No one likes a messy website because we cannot identify where we should focus on. That’s why web designers always try to eliminate all useless elements to offer an actually minimalist design. Minimalist design includes suitable whitespace and focuses on readability and ease of use.

Above is an article introducing WordPress web design rules. Hope we have provided many interesting things for you. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you

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