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WordPress key trends to consider for 2017

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WordPress key design trends in 2017

WordPress platform has gone through 13 years from its first release. It may not be a long time but the what it has contributed to the E-commercial industry is undeniable. WordPress has become more and more popular with improvements as well as incredible features. In 2016, we saw several WordPress hot trends such as hamburger menu, one-page themes and sidebars, and sliders. So, what will be coming in this 2017? I will answer the question in this article.

The Death Of Desktop-First Website Themes

Initially, desktop devices were the king but in several recent years, smart mobile devices have started dominating the market. The most recent statistics revealed that the market share hold by mobile devices is  51.26% while desktop devices have fallen down to 48.74%. So, the future for mobile devices is so bright. If you are in the position of a website developer, this means the days of considering mobile optimization to be optional will not be so far. In 2016, the giant Google started to have an action of indexing mobile-first as the way to say that they will prioritize mobile devices. WordPress developers, in 2017, put more effort on ultimate responsive and optimized for all mobile devices rather than just desktop version.

Encryptions and HTTPS For WordPress

Google pays more attention to security. The evident is the aggressive push toward secured websites and HTTPS everywhere, even the self-hosted WordPress is not exceptional. Google wants to avoid all unsafe websites. From 2017, HTTPS will be mandatory for all WordPress websites. It may be painful work for website developers and owners but your website will be secured. I know that switching from HTTP to HTTPS is quite complex, so if you start to build a website on WordPress platform in this 2017, let’s implement HTTPS for WordPress site right from the beginning.

Multipurpose WordPress Themes

All customers desire to get more than what they buy, buy one but get more than one. It is also the reason why multipurpose WordPress themes become so popular. Those themes are usually highly customizable and come with all incredible features consumers needs so they allow users to build any types and styles of websites. Recently, WordPress is famous for the affordable platform for building e-commerce website so there is no doubt that in 2017, the demand for multipurpose WordPress will increase rapidly.

VR-Optimized WordPress Themes

Now, virtual reality (VR) headsets are not just confined within gaming. Besides for entertainment, developers will soon apply it to browse the web. Samsung has taken so intelligent step by releasing a web browser optimized for Gear VR for viewing the web. In 2017, VR will be applied for many other activities including updating status on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram, browsing the web, and much more. Of course, WordPress website theme will be optimized for VR headsets. That future is even closer than you might think.

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