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What should you do when your WordPress blog is hacked

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If you want to share your ideas and thoughts widely to everybody, nothing could be better than the blog. And, if we mention blogging, the best choice is always WordPress because it is really good at managing a blog or a website thanks to its amazing features and extraordinary plugins. However, nothing is perfect, is an open source system and thus their high chances to get hacked. So, what should you do when your WordPress blog is hacked, let’s read this article:

Ready for being hacked

I have no idea or doubt about the security level of WordPress. However, after using a great backup plugin and a firewall that can help you avoid falling prey to hackers, you still need to prepare for the hack anytime. Always keep yourself cool and work start work on it immediately.

1. Get professional help

If you find that you cannot control improving errors in your hands, let’s ask professional help. They will assure you that your blog gets cleaned of all the hidden codes and threats left by the hackers.

2. Identify the possible reasons

You can check this list to ensure whether your website has been hacked or not:

  • Your website is marked as unsecured
  • Redirection to another website, and which it is illegal or irrelevant links on the blog
  • Cannot log in to admin panel

3. Get WordPress to help

The advantage when you use WordPress is in its community. That’s a giant community with a lot of enthusiastic developers. Moreover, WordPress has wonderful support staffs, they are all ready to handle issues on a daily basis. You just need to call the customer care center. Firstly, they will give you the instruction to follow. You will get insights into how this hack occurred and from why.

4. Update User Accesses

Change the user setting and you should make sure that only your team and the responsible people have the access to blog. And don’t forget to keep updating the settings and your registered stuff and users.

5. Change the passwords

When your website is hacked the first solution you should think is changing the passwords including WordPress passwords, MySQL password, FTP password, etc to ensure that your blog can be safe. Don’t enter the easy to guess password. Let’s use a strong random password with capital and special letters. After this, make sure you enhance the security by adding firewalls, and disabling the theme and plugin editor and ensure that your blog does not get hacked again.

6. Backup Restoration

You need to constantly back up your blog, on a regular basis and if you have a backup, try restoring your blog from the time your blog hacked. It will replace the hacker codes and clean your website. Or you can still clean your blog manually.

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