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Woocommerce product designer plugin with the convenience from social media

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Woocommerce product designer plugin

In about ten recent years, the appearance of social media has changed significantly the marketing strategies of business owners. A lot of printing web owners agree that social media help them acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing clients. Of course, it cannot replace the traditional sale but it will increase traffic to your site, increase the interaction between your business and customers.

That’s the very evident benefit of social media; however, in this article, I want to focus more on detail of one aspect, social media with Woocommerce product designer plugin, a fantastic product from Netbase team. We believe that the feature of allowing to upload images from social account will change the way people think about online product design, might be a new evolution, hope so!

Do you know the strength of Facebook and Instagram? If you think about images, you are right! If in the past, when you want to upload an image for printing, you have to choose it from your devices, if those images are available on social networking, you have to download it to your device and then upload to printing website. This process is not difficult, but quite complicated and time consuming. Due to that inconvenience, Netbase team has released the new update version 1.7.0 for Woocommerce product designer. If in the previous version, we just can use photos uploaded from Faceboook, now, in this latest version, we add new source for you: Instagram. We all know that Instagram is an social networking app for sharing images and videos. So we all know that it will be the unlimited source of the creativity with your printing products. Let’s enjoy it! Just with some few clicks, you can add images directly from your social accounts. Your own images will bring printing design a new breath of fresh air and make you become one of a kind.

How can you add images from Facebook and Instagram with Woocommerce product designer plugin?

We will describe the steps with very detailed description and illustration:

  1. Click on “Add images”, its icon is a camera on the left-hand side of website. There will be a pop up appear with several choice for you

Demo CMSMART.NET Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress (2)

You can choose among those sources: Upload, Uploaded, Image URL, Facebook, Instagram, Webcam

2. For example, you choose Facebook, click on Facebook category and login your account. Some random images will be chosen from your album and displayed as the illustration image:

Demo CMSMART.NET Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress

Choose the image you want. If you want other ones, let’s click on MORE to load more images.

3. After choosing needed image, you can edit it with other tools provided to be suitable to your demand.

Demo CMSMART.NET Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress (1)

4. When finishing designing, click SAVE button on the right corner of the screen. That’s all, everything is done

The process will be the same with Instagram

With the new update features of the Woocommerce product designer plugin, hope you find it helpful. If you have any opinion or question, feel free to ask in the comment box


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