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What Are Common Reasons make Slow Loading Websites?

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Have you tried optimizing your slow website but the load time still remains the same in Pingdom and GTMetrix speed test? If that’s you, I’m going to show you the underlying reasons responsible for slow loading websites.

  • Low-Quality Hosting

Many people have found out after constantly trying out all the page speed optimizations they’ve read online without success, that a simple change of web host gave them the boost in page load time they’ve been seeking. Not all hosting companies are optimized for site speed. Believe it or not, your hosting is the #1 determinant of how fast your website loads.

  • No Caching Plugin Installed

Caching a website is a technique used in dramatically increasing page speed by storing your site’s files in your visitor’s browser so that your website won’t need to load every resource when it is opened again. The response time in loading your site usually experiences a significant boost. If there’s no caching system in place on your website, you’re missing out.

  • No Use Of CDN

A CDN hosts your site’s files across a large number of servers around the world. If your web hosting server is located in the US, people from India will experience longer load times when opening your site. The farther your users are away from your web hosting server, the longer the time it takes to load your site. Using a CDN makes it possible for your audience in countries far from your web host server to experience a fast load time as they’ll load your site from a CDN server closest to them.

  • No Leveraging Of Browser Cache

Leveraging browser cache using expired headers helps to set the time when the caching of different elements of your website would expire. It complements whatever caching plugin is installed on your website. Though some caching plugins like WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache have the feature to set expired headers, it doesn’t give you the room to set clear and specific dates for your expired headers.

  • Using Flash Content

While flash content may make your website interactive, the files are very bulky. Large files result in slower loading pages. I understand that at a time, using flash content was in vogue, but it’s not anymore. Getting fancy with unnecessary bells and whistle all over your blog can seriously hamper your page speed.

  • Unoptimized Images

Images with large sizes take up a lot of bandwidth and space which results in slower loading of your site. Most images you’ll use for your blog are probably larger than the required size for width and height in your website.

  • Not In-lining Your JavaScript and CSS

This is a common error that is found when testing your website on Gtmetrix. It happens when your JavaScript files are not combined. Combining your JavaScript files into one single file can give you a slight improvement in page speed.

  • Clogged Up Database

We tend to forget about our database most times, leaving it to get clogged up with saved drafts, queries, deleted posts in the trash, deactivated plugins and other things that overwhelm the optimal performance of the database.

  • Not Enabling Gzip Compression

Gzip compression reduces response time by compressing your web pages and style sheet before sending them over to your visitor’s browser. Not enabling it means that your files are going to be bigger and larger, which is not really a good thing. The bigger the files, the longer it takes for it to load in your visitor’s browser. You can score a quick win by simply enabling Gzip compression on your site.

  • Too Many Plugins

Installing too many plugins in itself has the capacity to drag your site speed down. The more the plugins, the more resources that will be loaded on your website’s server. You can score a quick win by simply enabling Gzip compression on your site.

  • Using Themes That Are Not Lightweight

Some themes are created with bulky codes that end up dragging your site speed down.  Aside from the fact that they are not optimized for speed, most times they are also not mobile responsive.

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