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In 2019, which website design trend will take the throne? Part 2

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Website design trend In 2019

In the previous post, we introduced with all a few website designs trend will take the throne in 2019. However, each field will have a different website theme and constantly update the social development trend. CMSmart keep brings for customers many new trends. Let follow below content.

Use natural vignette cubes

The trend of replacing meshes, sorting by columns and automated rows with natural textures, is creative for web design products that are flexibly applied by designers. Also by natural motifs, the imbalance can bring comfort and lightness to the viewers, making the website design works become “more”, more real people can easily penetrate easily. ease into the minds of customers.

Blow classic features into website designs

In 2019, designers integrated classic website design trends into their creative products through the glitch effect – the effect simulates the moment when video breaks, the signal slows down, makes the image “short”. Designers draw viewers’ attention with a strange atmosphere of an unspecified future time through the glitch effect. Through this, the brand’s message can be conveyed to customers in a more intuitive and lively way.

The trend of increasing interaction for the website

The Micro-interaction effect is used for a single purpose: to surprise users and make the website more real and more attractive. Micro-interaction has been applied a lot, but by 2019, the trend of designing this website will be booming and become more popular. Above all, using this effect can help increase customer engagement with the site, enhance the user experience, and make your web design smarter.

The trend of using the chatbot on the website

The chatbot is a new trend in web design, but by 2019, it became the focus of all attention. Especially when the era of AI and machine learning is coming, promises to make our life easier and more convenient. Chatbot in the future will appear more on websites. The design of chatbot’s graphics problem should also be considered to make them stand out and attract more attention.

Add more and more video content on the website

Adding video content on the website not only helps your website become more modern but also helps attract the attention of a group of customers who are not interested in words-filled walls. Besides, Google also tends to favor websites that contain video content when returning results in search engines. Therefore, optimizing video content can help your website climb high rankings on Google.

The above is the post introduce about website design trend in 2019. Hope my post brings much interesting news for the reader. If you have any question, let write feedback, my support team will respond you. Thank you!

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