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Top 10 components include to WordPress themes (part 1)

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From the time when WordPress has no longer been used just for blogging but changed to support e-commerce business website, it has radically transformed the web design industry. Let’s see professional developers include which components to their WordPress themes

1.Widget area


One of the main criteria to evaluate whether a website wins or not is adequate widget areas. The reason why I affirm like that is that the widget area makes it possible to tweak the theme to satisfy all the different client needs. If you study deeply about the widget, you may know that if WordPress themes have enough widget area. The flexibility of the structure of a page will be improved significantly. Moreover, there will be more room for creativity. Which will be so important in making your site unique from the crowd.

2. Theme options


What does theme options mean? You can understand it briefly that a WordPress component you can add to WordPress themes to offer the user with a non-intrusive way of changing several crucial theme settings. If these options are not included, web developers will have to spend more time on going to the CSS files and dealing with the mess of code to achieve tiny tweaks such as changing the colors and editing the footer content. With theme options, changes become so simple and easy, just like a breeze, it is so suitable for any users who are not enthusiastic about coding.

What can you do with theme options? Editing theme’s color scheme and fonts, redesigning header and footer, setting up crisp and cleaning contact page.

3. Page Templates


If you want to be unique and different from others, when designing WordPress themes, don’t forget to add different layouts for different pages. With Page Templates, adding variations to the theme becomes so simple task. You can create a Page Template from the first step easily by two ways: copying a  and tweaking from the existing page template files or creating a new PHP file. With so premium WordPress themes on Cmsmart, you just need to drag and drop the element, no coding anymore.

4. Error Handling/404 page

Nothing is perfect and your website is not exceptional. Sometimes, you will cope with a broken link, it is an inevitable error for any website. One of the most feasible solutions for this situation is giving visitors a 404 error page, you can design it carefully providing that when visitors see, the feeling of disappointed about a broken site will be reduced.

A well-designed 404 error page should satisfy two requirements: communicating to visitors that the page could not be found and being mean to direct the user somewhere more meaningful. A search module could also be incorporated to enable the user to search using a refined phrase.

To be continued…

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