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Top 10 components include to WordPress themes (part 2)

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You knew about the first 4 necessary components Top WordPress developers usually add to their themes, so in this next part, I will list the last ones. There may be other elements but I want to emphasize that this top 10 is the idea I collected from a long year experience developer. You may contribute your opinions by leaving content in the box, I always highly appreciate it!

5. “Multi-level Menu” and “Hamburger Menu”


The administrators of the large websites will understand more thoroughly about the importance of multi-level menus. They will help your group and arrange related links and child links easier. With the client, they can also edit and add new menu items as the website grows over time without spending too much effort.

6. Blog Pagination


It is also another must-have feature for any successful website. Users are fed up with scrolling down one page that seems to last forever. It had better display only a number of posts at a time on one page. Let’s spend some time set any number of posts you want to display on your page providing that they are suitable to the size of the page, how many rows of posts you have as well as the percentage of the post is taken by the featured image.

7. Search Results Page

As my experience, the very first criterion of evaluating the convenience and success of a website is Search Utility because your users will rely on it to locate the content they are not able to get at first glance. If you have large websites with hundreds or thousands of Webpages, you will agree with my statement. However, users are not just interested in entering their query, hitting the return key and getting the results haphazardly arranged on the screen. If you are a designer, let’s put yourself in the place of users to understand what they really want, what they think about how the search results will be displayed. For example, you design the search phrases highlighted in yellow or any other vibrant hue; arrange the results by date or any relevance to the searched term.

8. Styling User Comments


An outstanding strength of the WordPress platform that most of the users always highly appreciate is the inbuilt comment system. It is so easy for both users and readers to write and read comments. Let’s take an example, you read an article, you desire to give the comments in different font color and font face, WordPress styling user comment will work. By seeing the comments from the formal readers, latter ones will be inspired a lot and be encouraged to interact more with the blog.

9. BlockQuotes


BlcokQuotes is the feature that allows your client to highlight several important blocks of text in their posts with unique preset formatting. The quotes they post may be a quote from an external source or just some interesting piece of information bloggers want to emphasize. To satisfy all demands above, it is necessary to employ different styles including making the text bold and larger, making it different in color and highlighting the text. With some premiums WordPress themes, they will come with an easy drag and drop approach to styling the block quotes, so convenient! You can also preview your edits before deciding whether to publish them or not. Clients will be the main users of this feature to make sure that you have applied some default styling.

Styling Visual Editor

In fact, default TinyMCE editor is quite limited but by using some custom CSS, you still can extend it. The main purpose is making the editor more intuitive and user-friendly, which is so crucial when you develop a website for clients who are not techno

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