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Tips to design an awesome homepage for website

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Tips to design an awesome homepage for website

The chance to gain the first impression will never come twice, everyone can understand this evident truth and it is also the reason why most of the businesses put a lot of their effort into designing an impressive homepage. If visitors do not like your homepage, their knee-jerk reaction will be to hit the “back” button.

It is obvious that optimizing the homepage is not an easy task and we need to handle a lot of problems. So, For doing this with efficiency, it requires you to build with a purpose that includes several elements to educate visitors, promote traffic and invite conversions. Here are some suggestions for you:

Establishing identity

Establishing who you are is so crucial and an ideal homepage should contain:

  • Company introduction to website visitors
  • A clear path to connect with other pages on the website
  • A unique design and impressive look

Focusing upon Clarity

Of course, It is necessary to show who you are, your products and customers’ benefits in a clean and easy-to-navigate homepage. A suggested solution for you is taking advantage of pictures and graphics to illustrate your products and demonstrate the benefits. You should keep in mind that “less is more”, don’t try to use too many pictures and graphics because they will annoy your customers.

Being simple

As we mentioned above, simple is good because it means that you eliminate superfluous elements. However, simple does not mean that you are negligent in designing, simplicity will be shown in:

  • Legible text
  • Plenty of white space
  • Clearly labeled sections

Ensuring user-friendly navigation

The navigation is one of the most considerable aspects on your homepage. However, It will be a great idea if you could make it be user-friendly by:

  • Reducing the count of top-level navigation menus
  • Denoting the dropdowns with visual cues
  • Making it responsive

The pages to include in the navigation bar should contain the Homepage, Contact us, About us and Blog.

Cutting down unnecessary text

When you eliminate unnecessary text as much as possible, the results you can achieve are:

  • More prominence to useful content
  • Shortening the page and reducing the problems of scrolling too much
  • Reducing visual noise
  • Easier to maintain

Distributing content properly

Visitors will have a good impression with a homepage that collects and distribute content properly rather than a homepage with information cluttered in a minuscule font. Customers are always the smartest judge.

Using White Space

White space is a tool to separate the different sections of a page. If you design with no space, customers cannot identify how many parts are there and what is the important part of your page.

Including Call To Act

It is worthless if there is no interaction between visitors and your business. Some effective calls to action can move the website visitors down the funnel in the purchasing process. Some types of CTA should be added are:

  • Awareness CTA
  • Decision CTA
  • Consideration CTA

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