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The Target of WordPress in 2017: Be more accessible

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WordPress be more accessible

Currently, CMS has made up 25% the total market share of the Internet. To reach the target of conquering the remaining 75 percent of the Internet. It is so necessary to reach out to people that aren’t using it now. Every year, the WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, usually presents his State of the Word speech and in this year. He said out ways that make WordPress become more accessible in 2017 and can reach more people than before.


In 2016, it was recorded that 116 WordCamps were held and attempted by over 36,000 people and there were 3,193 meetups in 58 countries. This figure was predicted to continue growing rapidly in the very next years. The number can be seen as the evidence of the power of community as well as how people are coming together WordPress.

Of course, more countries love WordPress, we need more translations for different languages. If we look back to 2016, that is a great year for progress in this area with 1,589 plugins and 1,224 themes currently using language packages.

After the second annual WordPress Translation Day, Ahmad Awais and his meetup were able to translate WordPress 4.7 completely into Urdu for the first time ever. In 2017, it is hoped that Events like Translation Day and local meetups will be more and the scope of WordPress will be widened as well.

The Foundation

For the last year, the team has been working on creating a subsidiary of the Foundation called WordPress Community Support. They desire that all WordCamp business will be done under the subsidiary. Do you know what does this move mean? It will open the Foundation up to new opportunities. The revenue for 2016 increased by $2.8 million in comparison to the previous year and this money will be used for supporting support like-minded projects. There is an existing barrier to WordPress that is understanding of the platform but education will become easier with this program.

WordPress Growth Council

If we want to expand the reach of anything, an effective way is to advertise and WordPress is not exceptional. With WordPress, we usually see the very interesting model of advertising, that is word of mouth. However, in this year, 2017, WordPress Growth Council will be the place for everyone to place their marketing ideas. It leads everyone to build a huge community for growing the CMS. The cool thing about the platform is anyone that works on it can take some kind of ownership. That’s why we should be the ones that help bring users in.

The Future

To talk about the future of WordPress. We wants to quote a statement of Mullenweg: A lot of our opportunities to grow in the coming year is on the human side. It can be explained that WordPress will approach more and more people all over the world, more translations and support educational programs for people who wouldn’t normally be able to access WordPress. Not all CMS platform has a community as strong as WordPress. 2017 can be the year of accessibility, and we as a community can easily make that happen.

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