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Should start Online Business with WordPress and Woocommerce?

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WordPress and Woocommerce

There is an obvious fact that just in about a decade, e-commerce has mushroomed with the amazing pact that even the most optimistic predictor cannot imagine. It made our life in general and purchasing products and services, in particular, become so convenient as well as open the new world with more opportunities for any business owners. In this in-depth article, I want to give you the overview and my opinions about all of the details in terms of setting up and running an e-commerce site with WordPress, of course, I’m a WordPress addict. You can also give your own opinions to discuss it with me. Leave your comment in the box at the end of the article.

What is E-Commerce?

Unless you are living on another planet or a place without the trading, Internet, or even living under a rock for the last few years. I am sure that you heard about e-commerce, not just one time. It can be understood briefly as the process of buying or selling of goods and services electronically occur through a web-enabled transaction. Those transactions totally happen on a website. In some aspects, e-commerce identical to physical retail that we are quite familiar with. It is different because it operates digitally with several unique business elements that will be introduced as below:

How E-Commerce Works:

  • Customers will visit a website and choose products or services on that website
  • They can make payments electronically on the website or we call online credit card transactions. In some websites, they integrate third-party payment providers like PayPal or OnePay.
  • After the merchant approves orders and receives payment, the order is fulfilled. Products may be delivered post or other ways.

WordPress + WooCommerce = Success?

Although at the first time appearing, WordPress was known as a blogging platform. Over several years, it has developed and become an extremely powerful and feature-rich software package that has a significant influence on any type of website. I mean an e-commerce website as well. However, I affirm it is one of the best e-commerce platforms. It does not mean it is suitable for every online shop owner. I will explain briefly about it would be a good fit for people who:

  • having full control over their website
  • easily build out other aspects of their site that aren’t e-commerce (blog, pages, etc.), start small and build out their site as they grow
  • providing a simple payment processing systems such as PayPal, Amazon or Google Wallet

To transfer the WordPress site into an e-commerce site, there are plenty of plugins supporting for this task; however, in the market, the most popular and trusted is still WooCommerce. It is a totally free open source e-commerce plugin that enables users to sell products through the WordPress site. According to the statistic from the reputation research company, the downloads for it until now are more than 3.2 million times, amazing number!

Should you use WooCommerce?

If you intend to build a website using WordPress, I suggest that WooCommerce should definitely be high on your consideration list. Why? Because it is easy-to-use and comes with features supporting you to keep updated on incoming sales, manage inventory and can be easily customized. Moreover, it has enough functionality and versatility for your stable long term development.

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