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How to speed up your WordPress site in 2017? (part 2)

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To continue with the way to speed up your WordPress site in part 1, in this article, I will list the rest including last seven methods. Hope it useful for your business and good luck with your sale!

  1. Optimized Images

A lot of people think that images will never take much memory storage on their site, but it is a misunderstanding. Why? Nowadays, each site will consist of a lot of images to make it become more attractive, so don’t forget to optimize this crucial factor. An optimized image will take less time for loading, I had tried it before. I optimized all images before uploading them to our site and the result was so amazing when I reduce image size by 60% but quality unchanged, the loading speed on site was improved considerably. You can optimize the image on online pages or WordPress plugins available.

  1. Lady loading of image
How to speed up your WordPress in this year?

As I mentioned in part 4, you add more images, the loading speed will increase due to the excess of media files. If you still want to add many images to your site but not make customers annoyed, a good way is using lazy load technique, so only visible images will load first. When visitors scroll down, other images will load one by one. If you want to use Lazy loading feature, you can refer a3 Lazy load, of course, it is free

  1. Install AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, you can understand it as a way to deliver or load the pages fast on mobile devices by using less resource. Google search results even show AMP tag beside the websites which are having AMP functionality ready. So, don’t forget to install AMP for your site if you want to approach mobile devices users.

  1. Delete Revisions and Transient Memory

Besides reducing the image size, database optimization is also the thing that you should never ignore. If you are a WordPress user, you will know that WordPress will autosave a draft and it is also the factor that wastes a significant amount of space in the database. Of course, revision is important because in some case, you will retrieve the older content but too much revision will be the burden of memory storage. You can install Database optimization plugins to improve the performance of your site.

  1. Use Prefetch DNS Requests

The loading speed of your site will be improved with Prefetch DNS. If you are loading some files from external sources like CDN, Google API, Google Fonts, etc. edit the header.php file your theme and add the DNS prefetch line for the same.

  1. Use SVG Icons rather than Font Icons

In fact, SVG icons will be better for load time on site than Font Icons. You can create SVG Icons by yourself or you can find the best suitable WordPress theme for you among the themes available on the market.

  1. Heartbeat control

How to speed up your WordPress?

So cute name? Heartbeat API comes with version 3.6 allowing browsers to communicate with the server and it shows you some real-time notifications. For example, authors are editing the post, auto-drafting the posts or doing something on the dashboard. You will understand how it affects to load time if you use a shared server. So, you can install heartbeat plugin to take control of such that API call.

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