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How to speed up your WordPress site in 2017? (part 1)

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We are in the early days of 2017, wish you achieve all goals in your life and enjoy wonderful 2017. This article will be a special gift for WordPress users and any business owners who intend to use the WordPress platform for their store. I will point out some ways to speed up your WordPress site without paying any extra fees, no more money paid, ok? I believe that you will be able to get more visitors then create more conversion. Another thing is that it is so easy to carry out. Now, let’s start:

1. Upgrade to PHP 7

PHP 5.6 is the stable version of PHP and used widely on most of the server. However, if we make a comparison, PHP 7 will twice time faster than PHP 5.6. There is no PHP 6 but PHP 7 can handle double request amount per second in comparison to PHP 5.4

How to upgrade to PHP 7

  • Check existing PHP version installed on your server by opening NotePad ++ or any other code editor, then you add the line as in the image in a new file. You save it as a .php file and upload in the root directory of the hosting server. 
  • Open file on your browser, it will contain all information about your server as well as PHP version

If you don’t want to use the code editor, another way is using a plugin like WordPress phpinfo(), you can also get the information about the installed server.

If you are using PHP 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6, I highly recommend you to upgrade to PHP 7.

If you feel more confident when working with cPanel operations, you can ask the hosting provider directly to upgrade the PHP on your account.

You can upgrade PHP by yourself by logging-in into cPanel account of your hosting server. On cPanel dashboard, find MultiPHP Manager, open it, you will see the installed PHP versions for your site. If you click PHP Version drop-down, PHP 7.0 appears, select it and choose Apply. Everything is done!

10 Steps to Speed up WordPress Site in 2017 Without Spending Extra Money

2. Install WP Fastest Cache Plugin

You can choose the most suitable WordPress Caching plugin among thousand plugins available on the repository and they are all free. Generally, those cache plugins will compress and minify JS, CSS, and HTML. It will be actually helpful in improving the Google PageSpeed and YSlow scores and as a result, the loading speed of your site will be reduced significantly.

3. Install Jetpack for Free CDN

10 Steps to Speed up WordPress Site in 2017 Without Spending Extra Money (1)

You can find Jetpack on It comes with plenty of functionalities and a free CDN named Photon is included. On Jetpack settings, you can enable the Photon feature, serve static files such as images, JS and CSS from CDN. I want to emphasize that it is FREE, no money paid!

To be continued…

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