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Some Key Features on Every Client Site You Create Part 2

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  1. Add an Email Management Platform for Integrated Marketing

Despite the rise of social media, email marketing is still a prominent and effective strategy. Email management can be a valuable feature to offer your clients and one you can integrate with minimal effort. MailChimp has long been a favorite email platform for WordPress users. Its free accounts and integration plugin make it easy to incorporate email marketing on any WordPress site, with no upfront investment required from you or your clients:

Your clients can then upgrade their accounts if they want to access premium features. In order to help grow your clients’ subscriber lists and enhance their email marketing strategies, you might also install OptinMonster so they can create custom pop-ups. However, since this plugin requires a paid OptinMonster account, you’ll probably want to ask a client’s permission before adding it to their website. Accounts start at just $9 per month, so you should be able to make a pretty convincing argument for using this conversion-boosting tool.

  1. Implement Security Maintenance Features So You Don’t Lose Your Hard Work

Cyberattacks are no joke. One malicious hacker could wipe out your client’s site, destroying all your hours of hard work. Implementing features to keep your projects safe once you’re finished with them can help prevent such devastating events. Sucuri is a strong choice for WordPress security monitoring. It will run regular security scans and provide alerts if it finds anything suspicious, so your client can work to prevent attacks or malicious file uploads:

If you can convince your client to pay for the premium version of this plugin, they’ll also have the benefit of the Sucuri Web Application Firewall (WAF). Like performance, security is an ongoing concern, and one best not left to chance. If you’re interested in expanding your services to include site maintenance, incorporating security audits could help protect your work in the long run. Alternatively, you could teach your clients to conduct their own audits.

  1. Set Up an Activity Log to Simplify Troubleshooting

Providing high-quality customer support is a smart way to retain clients and connect with new ones through references. However, it also means you’ll have to do some troubleshooting for your clients, who may be less-than-savvy when it comes to their WordPress sites. Installing an activity log can help you pinpoint problems when your clients ask for help but don’t know how to explain exactly what went wrong. Instead of asking a slew of questions that may lead nowhere, you can simply consult the log and determine the solution quickly. WP Security Audit Log is a tried-and-true plugin for monitoring site activity. It will keep track of updates, plugin and theme installations, file uploads, and more: This will take a lot of the guesswork out of your job. You can handle any issues quickly, and get back to working on your next project.

  1. Use Mobile Responsive Design to Boost SEO and Conversions

If your client sites aren’t responsive, their chances of success are slim. More and more users are browsing primarily on their smartphones, and Google now factors responsiveness into its algorithm. Fortunately, the WordPress community offers plenty of responsive themes. You can default to these when you’re working on sites for clients, which will give you a head start. In fact, some of the most popular WordPress themes in the Theme Directory incorporate responsive design, including OceanWP.

Cmsmart is almost as popular, and will also help you quickly launch mobile-friendly sites. Additionally, Cmsmart is a technology company for creating professional-looking one-page sites. These themes are highly flexible and can be modified to fit the needs of just about any type of website. You could choose one to install on every client site by default, or offer a few options to clients and let them participate in their sites’ creation process.

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