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Shopify Vs WordPress (2020) – Which is the best

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When you want to build an eCommerce website, at some point you might be wondering: “ Shopify Vs WordPress, which one is better?” While both platforms allow you to build successful online stores, they are also very different. In this article, we analyze the key differences in pricing, settings, ease of use, and capabilities for both Shopify and WordPress. All of these are essential factors you should consider before investing in an ecommerce platform. Take a closer look at Shopify Vs WordPress (2020) – Which is the best and find out which one best suits your online store project.

The Main Difference Between Shopify vs WordPress

Are you wondering the difference between WordPress vs Shopify? The main difference between Shopify versus WordPress is that Shopify is an online tool / service, while WordPress is the standalone software that you need to install yourself. To use Shopify, all you have to do is go to and sign up for an account. Once done, you just need a quick setup and your ecommerce store is up and running. On the other hand, to use WordPress as your ecommerce platform requires more steps:

First, you need to buy a domain and a web hosting account, where you can install the default version of WordPress. You need to choose a theme (design) for your website, along with several plugins for SEO care, social media integration, and more. Then you need a plugin like WooCommerce to provide you with all the ecommerce features (these are not built into WordPress).

Finally, you need to go through the process of configuring your ecommerce store (store details, payment gateway integrations, products, etc.). Those things can also take some time on its own.

Last but not least, with Shopify you also get support, which means if you have any issues with the platform you can just contact the support team and them (potentially function) will deal with. With WordPress, there is no support at all

What is Shopify?

Here is the truth:

  • An all-in-one e-commerce solution / tool. It allows you to build an e-commerce store that works from scratch without the help of a designer or developer.
  • No coding skills are required to use Shopify.
  • It’s a paid tool – from $ 29 to $ 299 per month.
  • It allows you to sell just about anything you want (goods, services, products, both digital and physical, as well as dropship).
  • Use it offline and online (you can use it as your online store, but you can also use something called Point of Sale with Shopify, which is their system for shops to sell. retail that allows you to integrate your on-premises store with your setup in Shopify).
  • Over 100+ online store designs to choose from (some of them paid for).
  • Every new site gets a free custom subdomain – for example,
  • There is 24/7 support.

What is WordPress (Woocommerce)?

An all-in-one website software. It allows you to build any type of website, as long as you can handle a lightweight technical setup – including installing the software itself, installing plugins, installing themes and then installing commercial plugins. electronics to handle store operations.

Free WordPress software. To use it, you need to register for a web host and buy a domain name. When all put together, you can get started with WordPress for around $ 5 / month.

  • Excellent content management features.
  • Thousands of themes / designs to choose from, both free and paid.
  • Special extensibility through plugins.
  • There is no direct support, but a very helpful community of support.

Shopify Vs WordPress – When Should You Use Shopify Over WordPress?

The main benefit of working with Shopify is that you can get started in minutes and start serving your first customers almost instantly. Second, Shopify is also a really affordable solution. To get started, you only need $ 9 a month. For that price, you get access to a wide variety of website designs and customization options.

The short answer to “when to use Shopify?” while considering Shopify Vs WordPress

  • Use this option if you don’t have any type of website and you want to launch a quality e-commerce store quickly.
  • Use this option if you don’t have any website design, coding or building skills and you don’t want to hire anyone to set up your ecommerce store.
  • Use this option if you want to integrate your online store with your offline on-premises store.
  • Use this option if you need a great e-commerce platform with access to customer support… precaution.

If any of the above describes you, visit Shopify. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell physical products, digital downloads, services or even dropship. Shopify can handle just about anything. The number of products you offer is not a factor (whether it is 1 or 1000).

Shopify Vs WordPress – When to Use WordPress Over Shopify?

WordPress is software that you can download it for free. It does not offer any ecommerce features. What you can get through the plugin. Such as popular WooCommerce.

The short answer to “when to use WordPress for e-commerce?” while considering Shopify Vs WordPress

  • Use it if you already have a WordPress website and you are familiar with the interface. For example, WooCommerce uses the same admin panel organization for your products and orders, so there’s no additional learning curve.
  • Use it if you already have a WordPress website and you want to minimize costs by not having to invest extra money in a new e-commerce platform.
  • Use this option if you feel comfortable experimenting with source code from time to time.
  • Use it if you can cope without any quick response customer support.

Conclusion about Shopify Vs WordPress

If the above options don’t satisfy your preference, and you want a short answer, here it is:

  • If you already have a WordPress website, simply install WooCommerce and launch an ecommerce WordPress store as an element of that existing website.
  • If you don’t have a website yet, launch your ecommerce store with Shopify.

Very simple – if you already have a WordPress website running, then adding an ecommerce component to that site will always be faster and cheaper instead of building something new. On the other hand, if you don’t have a website yet, then going the other direction and launching an ecommerce store with a specialized platform like Shopify will be quick and easy.

Hope that this article of Shopify Vs WordPress (2020) – Which is the best has brought to you much useful information.

If you have any questions about WordPress or Shopify, let’s fill out the contact form or contact me directly. We always answer all of your questions ASAP.

Stay tuned on WordPress Ecommerce to discover more tips and solutions.

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