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Most popular WordPress theme frameworks in 2018

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WordPress Theme Frameworks for 2018

WordPress theme framework is the topic that both developers and users concern about. Framework will describe the foundation of a WordPress theme, it contains the code library used for development of theme and also consists of basic features and design elements. If the old version has some problems that you could not upgrade the WordPress themes without losing your customization, you also cannot copy and paste the code functionality into all themes, in the latest version released, you can reside all functionality and developers can easily add their styling while leaving the functionality aspect of it to the framework. In this post, I will list the most popular WordPress theme frameworks in 2018. Here they are:

  1. Cherry Frameworks

This framework is freely available and preferred by developers to create unique themes. Generally, developers use it for initiating the process of theme development as compared to buying the premium one. Cherry Framework is so easy to run and maintain. Bootstrap powers it and it is defined by the framework child linking.

  1. Gantry Frameworks

Gantry framework offers the excellent themes themselves, and their framework is available under the GPL license. It has the responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap. It supports the LSS, CSS and popular 960- grid system. Gantry is not the easiest framework to work, but it allows extensive customization options such as blank widgets to allow for better positioning.

  1. Headway

Headway can be considered as the savior for the designers who don’t know how to design. Using Headway Grid, you can create any layout you want such as one column, two columns, or mix. It is the easy drag and drops framework that helps you to control the theme design such as colors and fonts by just one click. It has the updated standard of coding such as HTML5 and CSS3.  You can style your site in Design Editors that allow you to select any element on the page.

  1. Ultimatum

Ultimatum framework includes everything you need to build your theme using WordPress. It is the powerful tool which contains the advanced functions which help you customise the theme layout without any difficulty. The theme builder provides you few options that allow you to create your own or import any existing ones. When you create a template with your theme, you can use the Twitter Bootstrap that helps you to create a responsive layout. It has simple drag and drop feature and fully woo commerce compatible. It has the feature of dynamic form builder and has revolution slider integration. The tool integrates with Google Fonts and a large section of icons giving your designs greater visual appeals.

  1. Builder

The builder is extremely easy for anyone to create a layout of choice and frame powerful sites. It has the complete set of elements like child themes, style manager plugin, and core builder theme. It provides the flexibility to use a header image, footer, content area and navigation without editing the single line of code. You can create dynamic theme easily using this framework. It has the responsive layout and manifold modules for selection. It has consistent support and update available and has more than 80 builder themes. Hire freelancers who have knowledge of designing website by using different frameworks.

The last words,

You can see many other WordPress theme frameworks available on the market. What we mentioned above are just the most popular ones. We hope that through this article, you can gain the overview of how WordPress theme frameworks in 2018.

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