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Outstanding Capabilities and benefits of using WordPress (part 2)

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In part 1, I have just introduced the first three main benefits of using WordPress. With the huge community of over 70 million members, I am sure that WordPress is a great choice, a destination for CMS users. If after part 1, you still feel confused or uncertain, let’s read this article, I will list the rest of how WordPress benefits your business.

4. Website themes.

The theme is the appearance, it will decide the first impression of visitors in the first time they come to your site. The bad feeling may make visitors leave your site immediately without caring about your products and services, so never be perfunctory in choosing a theme. In the market, there are thousands of WordPress themes available including both free and premium themes. You can install the theme just by a few click or custom as you wish. In my opinion, criteria to evaluate a good theme are whether it is clear and professional enough, when you replace it with another one, whether your posts and pages are affected or not. With WordPress, you don’t need expensive graphics and spend thousands of dollars on just a business website.

Note: You can see How to choose the best WordPress themes for your online store?

5. Functionality

WordPress is preferred due to thousands of WordPress plugins available with imaginable functionality. You can install those plugins for your site very easily with few clicks. With plugins integrated, you totally can do anything you want with ease such as tracking site visits, fighting spams, improving site security, etc.

6. Open source

WordPress is PHP based and the source code is available for anyone who wants to look at it. Because WordPress has included both extensive documentation and a range of functions, so without too much knowledge of PHP required. In case, you don’t want to program code, that’s ok, there are developed and customized themes and plugins for your specific needs.

7. Self Updating

There is a special feature of WordPress that it will notify you if any new WordPress software or plugins are upgraded. If you want, you just need to click upgrade and they will be installed automatically. So easy to use, right?

8. Search engine power

There is an interesting fact you may not know that is Top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. love WordPress. Therefore, let’s take advantage of SEO related plugins to optimize your site as much as possible. If you’re a smart business owner, using a properly configured and SEO optimized-site can really help make you more competitive in the online space.

9. Technical support

Essentially, WordPress does not provide offer dedicated technical support, you know it is Free. However, there are still other solutions for you. WordPress community is so huge, you can join forums, read the experience of former users or raise questions, they will give you proper answers. Those forums are active and members are all so nice. Don’t worry, feel free to ask! you know running and managing a WordPress site successfully is quite readily available.

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