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Outstanding Capabilities and benefits of using WordPress (part 1)

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When choosing to use WordPress, it means that you can create a pre-built website easily. This special feature will help you pay more attention to the more important purposes such as adding new content, boosting sales revenue or investing more in business campaigns.

This article will provide you some most outstanding benefits WordPress brings to your store, here we go:

1. It is totally FREE

You want to use WordPress, let’s go to and download immediately, no fee is charged. But first, you need a hosting company. How? Search on Google. There will have hundreds of results returned for you to choose from. Another suggestion for you is contacting Netbase company, you can find them on Cmsmart, they will provide a full solution for your website at a very reasonable price and high-quality product.

In case you want to optimize the cost, I mean keeping you cost way downs so low that it is free, you can choose free hosting on However, I want to emphasize that FREE product will absolutely come with some shortcoming, in this case, they may lack the flexibility of your own hosting. As a result, there are some limitations in terms of the right to manage or do with your site presence.

Another thing I want to recommend you is using your own domain. As I mentioned above, if you find it is quite complicated for you to deal with all the tasks, you can have your site built by a professional development company. If you choose Netbase, they will provide you a complete WordPress A – Z training system with detailed, step-by-step tutorials that will help you gain complete control of your own web presence.

2. Plenty of useful training available

It is undeniable that setting up a website using WordPress is so easy with a developer or person who has certain knowledge about information technology or coding. However, not all people accomplish this field, many people are not techie or geek.

If you are fresher, WordPress provides a lot of online tutorial videos with high quality and easy to understand. In my opinion, the only barrier for an audience is the timing problem. To give the detailed guideline, the tutorial videos usually last about hours on end scouring the net for information. And there is one fact that, although the amount of video is so many and about a lot there will still be something you don’t know that you don’t know and finding tutorial seems to be impossible.

So, because of those reasons, on Cmsmart, besides video, they have a professional developer and support team. They will support and answer any questions from customers in the shortest time with proper answers. Customers will quickly know how to install and manage their site. Overall, you don’t need to learn about how to code or develop a technical tool, you don’t know, they have a support team to help you. It can be said that WordPress is actually a true blessing for all non-techies!

3. The simplest installation process

To start a website using WordPress, you need two things that are the domain name and web hosting. If you can, spend more time to choose the right hosting company because they will offer applications in your control panel and the installation process will be finished just by several clicks. Forget complex steps and technical coding!

To be continued…

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