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More security than the convenience of online payment.

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                                                                                   The security and convenience

The security and convenience are two important issues in an e-commerce website. Website developers have researched and optimized both of these factors to provide the best product quality for customers. There is an existing problem that these two issues are always contradictory. When the security factor is enhanced, convenience decreases and vice versa. Convenience is simple, concise, no complicated process.

While security is extremely careful, clear, step-by-step and so users will have to spend a lot of time on it. When something is too complicated, even difficult to install, the convenience factor will decrease. Accordingly, there are many survey surveys from consumers. As a result, please refer to CMSmart‘s article below. Find out and apply for your website.

Consumers in Europe think security is more important than the convenience of online payment. But in England, the difference is quite small. More than half of the British choose security, while 43 percent choose the convenience. And this is one of the conclusions from “the security versus convenience in payment experience” report. A GoCardless study of 4,000 customers across the UK, France, Germany, and Spain about their views on security and convenience when shopping online.

Better security means less convenient and vice versa

While two factors are independent of each other, in practice, there is often a trade-off in which high security means reducing convenience and vice versa, GoCardless explains. So, if consumers have the option to choose between these two, what do they think is more important: convenience security?

Small share in the UK choose security

In all four countries surveyed, security is considered more important than convenience. But in the UK, the difference is small, with only 55 percent choosing security. For example, in France, more than 62 percent of consumers appreciate safety on convenience (33 percent) when shopping online.


Additional security steps lead to suspicion

Although there is a small priority for security in online payments, only 40% say they will feel safer with more complicated security procedures. In Germany, 45 percent of respondents shared this feeling. Many British consumers even say that additional security steps will make them feel suspicious, a feeling most shared by French (46%) and Spanish respondents (41%).

Half of the Germans leave the store due to complicated payment

Consumers in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain also have some questions about their previous shopping habits. In Germany, nearly half of the respondents (48%) gave up on purchases due to the complicated payment process. In the UK, 44%, while in Spain, 40% gave up the cart because of this. And only one-third of French shoppers did so.

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