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How to migrate to WordPress successfully?

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If you are online shop owners or WordPress developer, we are sure that you will meet this case at least one time in your working time, the case when moving blogs from one WordPress site to another. The reason for this movement is so many but the main one is changing website hosts. However, the primary principal when changing any users should never forget is keeping the slugs to those blogs closely to the originals as much as possible. Only move blogs when the sites are on to the new host because when you publish the blogs that have been already indexed on another website, it means that you will cope with some search engine optimization problems.

Let’s take an example. You have already owned and now you buy site and your purpose is’s blog posts on You are really better off writing new and unique blog posts for because it will be really bad if Google penalizes you for copying your own stuff.

What Can You Move?

Actually, if you use WordPress and you desire to move an entire WordPress website to a new host, you can move five factors below:

  • Comments
  • Custom post types
  • Tags and categories
  • Post meta and custom fields
  • Authors

The flexibility is considerable and it is so necessary for you to have full right to control over your website as well as its content. XML files will deal with this move. You do not need to have certain MySQL knowledge and copy and paste table rows from the old database because WordPress site is integrated tools and plugins to finish the migration process. In my opinion, the only thing you want to do before making any movement is back it up.

Website Backup

Backing up the entire site is so normal action of any professionals before making any major change with a WordPress site. In case you feel that backups your hosting company did are not enough, your site may lose and it will take you a long time to restore, you can’t afford downtime, we highly recommend that you do it by yourself.

Additionally, hosting company backups may not be designed especially for WordPress, so the chance of failure is quite high. So, what you should do are:

  • Downloading and installing BackupBuddy
  • Keeping a copy of backups offsite in Dropbox or another trusted cloud service
  • Having regular schedule backups

WordPress’s Built-In Export and Import Function

Don’t worry, WordPress will its own export and import function. First, you export what you want to import into the other side by going to the Admin panel, choose TOOL -> Export.


Choose what you want to export then click DOWNLOAD EXPORT FILE


There will be an XML file downloaded, open it or move it to other permanent location.

To import the file into the new site, go to Admin panel, choose TOOL and click IMPORT


Your screen will display like this:


As you can see in the image, it will enable you to import from a number of platforms and you need to install the importer. After that, you can run the importer.


When you click RUN IMPORTER, a new screen pops up, you can upload the file exported from the other website.


After that step, all process is finished, It is relatively simple and little technical knowledge required.

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