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What makes you become top WordPress developer (part 2)

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How to become a Top WordPress developer

In the previous part, we had discussed why you should become the top WordPress developer and one way had been introduced. I will tell the rest of the story about success in this article. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Hanging out with the right groups

It will be so great if you can learn not only from others’ strengths but also the right from other weaknesses of those we associate with. If you desire to become one of the top WordPress developers, let’s spend time with those at the top by reading their blogs, following them on Twitter, trying to discuss or ask them about some fields if it is possible, going to WordCamps to meet them and listen to their talks.

2. Reading the material

There is one fact that the amount of WordPress reading material available is overwhelming. Due to that massive amount, too much people talk about it so it is increasingly difficult to filter through the noise. I know it is quite hard but you can refer some few resources for beginners:

  • WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex is a community-edited repository for all things WordPress. It starts with very basic and focuses on mastering the WordPress interface itself from an end user’s perspective. It is the ideal place for you to learn the WordPress semantics, read about theme design and plugin development.

  • Books on WordPress

More than a dozen of books are available on WordPress. Have you ever thought that WordPress for dummies is too basic? No, it is not, it’s important to have their perspectives. When you’re finished, thank the author and give a review.

  • Blogs on WordPress

You can find and follow the best blogs about WordPress, subscribe them and read them regularly and give feedback to the authors.

3. Understanding the technology

No one can be master WordPress if they have no knowledge or understanding about the technology. It will be so good if you are already a programmer and PHP/MySQL. However, make sure that those skills are updated frequently and if you are new to programming, you can refer some ways to follow to begin:

  • Learning PHP and MySQL

Accomplishing PHP and MySQL is the prerequisite of being a WordPress developer. If you have already learned about it for several years, a lot of the practices you picked up are probably out-of-date, pay attention to it!

  • Exploring the Codebase

It will be actually valuable when you spend time on exploring the WordPress codebase on Trac and on Xref. Through these documents, you can understand how things work and if you can raise the question, that’s so good.

  • Running The Nightly

One feasible action to stay up-to-date on WordPress as it’s being developed are setting up a local development environment and running the nightly build.

  • Read Make WordPress

4. Doing the homework

The study must be accompanied by practice and let’s start with your own WordPress site, it will be a lab mouse for your test. After reading the tutorial, you can follow by yourself. Break things down. Track what you’ve learned and recorded your insights and breakthroughs for future reference. It is not the time for lazy. Each minute, each hour you spend to learn, it will be rewarded worthy.

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