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What makes you become top WordPress developer (part 1)

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How to become a Top WordPress developer

Firstly, I want to emphasize that to be good at anything, any aspects will always hard work, actually hard work and becoming the top WordPress developer is not exceptional. It will require you not only time but also energy as well as determination. I believe that you are wasting your time if you try to search an easy checklist or some fast pass to become the top because of no pain, no gain.

By the way, top WordPress developer will not be built just by installing WordPress, reading a few tutorials or customizing a few themes, you might call yourself by Expert, confident is good. But in fact, those people are just more than the average person. Real top WordPress developers must do more than that, push the very boundaries of what is possible, innovate, contribute to the community, and demonstrate mastery in the product, the work they do.

Why should you become the top WordPress developer?

Why not? You are working on a field and why you are just pleased of being average? We have too many average things, too much average people in our life, normal is highly overrated. Reason for you to become top WordPress developer

  1. Making more money:

As you know, WordPress recently take a big segmentation in e-commerce platform market, so demands will sharply increase as the result and I am sure that customers will ready pay more for developers who are the best in their field.

  1. Getting the best client

You are talent, so you have right to say No with what you don’t want and Yes with what you want. You are freedom of choosing

  1. Having the most influence

Being the top WordPress developer, you have influence and the capability to shape the future of WordPress as well as the ecosystem that is built around it.

How can you become the Top WordPress developer?

  1. One hour for reading every day

Outside of any development work, you should spend one more hour each day to read and learn about WordPress. It will take your time because there is no shortcut. You may ask when? Let’s cutting down 90% of the time you spend for chatting on social media or watching TV, you will have a lot of free time. Reaching the top will demand commitment and sacrifice, so the best place to start is with the things in life that aren’t doing you any good anyway.

All you need will be one dedicated, distraction-free hour of reading for each workday, shutting off instant messages, putting your phone on silent and focusing on reading and learning. Don’t forget taking note what you have learned. You will find that the time goes by faster than you would have expected and time you spend will deserve. Let’s keep that routine day after day, week after week, and month after month. You will find the success when you read more. I think that you will find one hour per day is never enough, you may want two, three or a day to read and study.

To be continued…

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