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What you have to do after launching a WordPress site

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What you have to do after launching a WordPress site

Building a website from the scratch with WordPress is piece of cake; however, due to the requirements in high-quality of WordPress theme out there, after installing a website and adding your content to its pre-designed pages, doing some minor customization, like editing the color scheme, there are a lot of steps you have to do. This article will give you the essential things you need to do after launching a WordPress site:

1. Submit to Google Search Console

Google search Console is a tool that shows you how Google views your site and when your site has any problems, it will immediately inform you to improve. What I want to say here is this tool is free, no money spent to make your site closer to Google. The service also shows the sites linked to yours. If there are some critical errors, e.g. in an internal link structure or a sitemap, you’ll receive alerts to fix them ASAP.

2. Speed up your site with caching

Using cache means pages, images, and other files on your website are stored in the user’s computer memory. That way, the browser doesn’t have to reload the page elements all over again when the user enters a recently visited page, which results in faster load times.

3. Back up your content ( just in case)

We never expect the worst for your website but we should be always careful and prepare for bad things happening anytime. Hackers become craftier day by day, servers crash for unknown reasons. In some days, you wake up and suddenly find that hosting companies go bust without warning. So don’t forget this task.

4. Hide login page and Limit login attempts

As I said before, hackers are everywhere and they always try to crack your password and sneak into your site and it would be a disaster if they could steal all important information on site including customers’ credit card, payment account, etc. So let’s integrate plugins that support the features of changing the URL of your login page. Even when hackers somehow find out your username and password, they won’t know where to enter them.

5. Install plugins supporting SEO

If we consider the technical aspect, it can be said that WordPress is one of the best platforms for SEO. When you post an article on your blog, it might miss some standard of meta keyword or description, subheading or alt tag on the image, WordPress plugins for SEO will help you to meet all Google’s requirements.

6. Install Google Analytics to track your web store

Integrate your site with this leading analytics service, and you’ll be able to watch your business performance under a magnifying glass.

The service comes with multiple tools to analyze the customer experience on your site, interests, demographics, conversions, etc. You will see which of your strategies work and which of them don’t.

7. Protect your site from Spam

Spammers will also enter your site and load your comments section with tons of spam. That will hurt your SEO ranking badly. Checking every comment for spam and deleting bad stuff will take a lot of your time. So it is necessary to integrate anti-spam plugins, they will automatically check all your comments and filter out those that look like spam. It reveals hidden links in the comment body. You can also learn how many comments each user has made.

The last words,

 After launching a website, there would be a lot of things you have to do. You can check this to-do list to perfect your web store step by step. Hope you find this article helpful.

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