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How to install Handmade WordPress theme and its plugins

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Handmade WordPress theme

Handmade WordPress theme is the hottest product released by Netbase team. Its design is fantastic and we have no complaints about how it works or the plugin integrated. Moreover, what makes Handmade WordPress theme be outstanding on the market is that it was designed to follow marketplace model, which can optimize benefits for sellers and bring the best service to customers. In this article, I will focus on how can you install this theme and its plugins by yourself, hope you find it useful.

The requisition when using this Handmade WordPress theme is you already install the latest version of WordPress on the server. Theme installation will include these steps:

Step 1: Download our package

Step 2: You unzip the package and you will achieve:

Step 3: Theme installation

Upload theme in admin panel:
Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme. Then, click on Browse button to select theme package and click on Install Now

NOTE: You can upload 2 themes left as described above

Plugin installation

After you already installed, activated the theme, and saved the theme options. There’ll be a message of required plugins at the top of the WordPress dashboard. Just click the link to Activate.

Then click the link to Begin installing plugins

Install the required plugins as described in the screenshot below:


click the link to Return to Required Plugins Installer

You have to activate Woocommerce, and then activate Dokan and other plugins:

Select the plugins you already installed, and then apply the bulk action to activate them as the image below:

After finishing, you will receive a confirmation notice that your plugins were activated.

Notes: You have to activate all plugins. You can see the inactive tab to continue installing the remaining plugins.

That’s all about the installation process, easy and simple, right? We hope you can install it quickly by yourself and if you want, our support team also has this Handmade WordPress theme installed. Bringing you the best product and service is our pleasure.

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