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In 2019, which website design trend will take the throne? (Part 1)

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Continuously updating new trends in website design is very important for the development of the business. 2019 will bring new experiences to users with 10 website design trends that promise to create new breakthroughs. Technology companies supporting reputable website design services in the world such as CMSmart have also started to meet the needs of the world.

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Fonts with legs gradually dominate website design

If before, a rule for any designer, that is, the font with a foot (Times New Roman style) is only used for printed publications, and the footless fonts (Arial type) will dedicate to digital publications, then in 2019, the time has gradually changed.

One of the most obvious advantages of footless fonts is that it is neat and easy to read when used for design on mobile platforms. Therefore, many brands will still use them as a top priority.

However, standing in front of the strange trend of the throne as a way for businesses to assert themselves, many brands have chosen to use a font with legs in digital publications to make themselves more prominent. Some businesses use to emphasize the information they want to convey, some people want to blow into the classic, creative for their products.

Therefore, businesses can completely use the font with feet combined with color to trendy, creative layout to design your website modern and academic features.

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Use black – white tones in website design

It is undeniable that color is always an important factor affecting the visual element of the website. Colors help shape the brand, help businesses convey their vision, core values ​​and messages to their customers.

In 2019, the trend of website design with mainstream black and white tones will be crowned. These are the two colors that show the contrast: white makes every pattern become neat and clear, while the black tones bring about a strong and mysterious.

Therefore, when using black and white tones, you should consider applying them in minimalist school designs. Every act of complicating the problem, like adding vibrant colors, or adding cumbersome patterns only breaks down the structure of the concept, reduces the viewers’ interest in design publications, and reduces Click the CTA button of the customer.


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