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How to install Pandora WordPress Travel theme

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Pandora WordPress travel theme

The tourism industry thrives on imagery, that is an undeniable fact. We can see that a lot of travel companies have been mushrooming in several recent years. Business owners who have been successful in this aspect shared that there were two goals you have to achieve: to get customers to visualize themselves in your destinations by providing great images and information and to provide a complete and easy platform for customers to sign up and pay for their travel. Pandora WordPress Travel theme from the Cmsmart provider is the key to these two goals. In this article, I will show you how to install this WordPress theme. Here we go:

Before starting to install and configure your new theme, you need to ensure that you already had WordPress with the latest version on the server. There are 3 steps of installation:

Step 1: Download our package

Step 2: You unzip the package and it will include

Step 3: Installation

  • Upload Theme in admin panel:
    Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New ->Upload Theme. Then, click “Browse” button to select Theme package “” and click on Install Now

  • After that go to Appearance -> Themes and active theme ‘TourPress’


After you install and active the theme, Go to Appearance -> Themes; there’ll be a message of required plugins at the top of the WordPress dashboard. Just click the link to begin installing plugins.

Click on Begin Installing Plugins

Now, install the required plugins as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Select the plugins you had installed, and then apply the bulk action to activate them.

To activate the plugin, you choose as the image below:

Finally, you will get a confirmation notice that your plugins were activated.

Notes: You have to activate all the plugins. You can see an inactive tab to continue installing the remaining plugins.

Next go to Plugins ->SiteOrigin Widgets then activate NetBaseTeam Tabs, Wpnetbase Headline, Wpnetbase image banner.

That’s all about the installation process, easy and simple, right? We hope you can install it quickly by yourself and if you want, our support team also has this Pandora WordPress Travel theme installed. Bringing you the best product and service is our pleasure. Hope you find this article helpful.

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