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How to improve conversion rate for WordPress ecommerce website?

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There is an undeniable fact that not all visitors are your potential customers. How many visitors can turn into customers will depend much on how effective your strategies could be. Different industries and different products play by different rules and the standard for conversion rate is also not the same. However, we still have a certain set of actionable tips to improve conversion rates for all e-commerce websites such as identify who will be your potential customers and what do they concern. Here are the things you should pay attention to:

How to improve conversion rate for WordPress ecommerce website

1. The high quality of product images and videos

Because online shopping cannot let customers touch and feel your products so the quality of product images is so crucial. You should provide images for different angles with appropriate lighting and background, preferably zoom-able. Provide all the information as much as possible. When visitors can understand what you are selling and trust you, the chance of making a purchase will be actually high.

2. Payment gateway

Customers pay a lot of attention to how they can use their credit card details over the internet. The shopping and making payment habits of different countries and regions are not the same so you should make sure that you provide them multiple choices for payments in as many currencies as possible. A survey revealed that a website providing both a credit card payment gateway and PayPal tends to have around a 30% higher conversion rate than sites that only offer one of these options. All WordPress themes and solutions available on Cmsmart provide options for the check, Bank transfer, Cash on Delivery and standard PayPal payments.

3. UI, UX and site speed

It can be summarized that a single second of delaying will deduct your conversion rate of 7%. Time is gold. Bad UX, UI will keep visitors away from your business, which means no customers anymore. Stand at your customer’s position to understand what they really expect about your website. One more suggestion for you is using a heat mapping plugin to see where customers are clicking and start tweaking your design.

4. Rating, reviews, and testimonials

After reading all the information about the product, 70% of visitors will consult a review or a rating prior to making a purchase because they are a real experience of former customers. Good products get sold more, bad products will be reported. If you can convince customers to make testimonial videos, that is so so good. The highest level of credibility.

5. Support service and returns

Providing FAQs, Live Chats, 24*7 support over the phone & via email on your WordPress eCommerce website, that is almost compulsory. Especially when your business is small and you don’t have enough budget to build a huge support team, an FAQ system coupled with a support ticket mechanism will serve you. WordPress supports a lot of plugins for this demand. The automation will reduce social loafing in your business and increase the profession in working.

Suggested WordPress themes that can satisfy the criteria above

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