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Hot item: Advanced WooCommerce Brands on Cmsmart

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Advanced WooCommerce Brands

I am John, I have digital device online shop, today I will talk about the best plugin I have ever used and like most on my WordPress digital site that help me earn a lots money. Recently, my website is going well with many products, which comes from different providers; however, one requirement appears that is arranging products clearer and more beautiful for my customers to find items as fast as possible. After some time to search on the internet as well as have a consultant from my friends. Finally, on Cmsmart, I found advanced WooCommerce brands, which allows my clients can find products fast with their favorite brand. Let’s see which benefits it brings.

Firstly, I will list out reasons why I chose Advanced WooCommerce Brands on my website.

  • I can manage the brand list and configure the position of the brand product in detail product page, sidebar as well as the category page.
  • So easy to create a loyal attitude and show all known brands in my store, it offers me as well as my customers plenty of awesome advantages.
  • Furthermore, just by a single click, my clients can view all the brands in my web shop. Not only one arrangement way but also are there many methods for me to organize brands as thumbnail grid, options, select, filter… they are all included in advanced WooCommerce Brands.
  • In this plugin, I can show the quantity of products on each brand to let my buyers know about the variation of my stock.
  • Since I integrated this brands plugin on my website, my customers have trusted more about my company with famous brands. They have more credibility when shopping.

How about highlight features

  • With 100% responsive for all devices, advanced WooCommerce brands makes layouts fit and look perfect regardless of different sizes of desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. This feature is very important for my website
  • With advanced WooCommerce brands, I can show famous brands A-Z filter with Ajax. It is actually fast without reloading the page or going to another page, it is amazing.
  • Follow the vertical or horizontal navigator, my brands slider can be showed easily and clearly to make my website advanced. Moreover, this plugin allows me to create a thumbnail grid with all brands, so my site is clear and giving many good comments from customers.
  • Manage brand list with filter select or option choice: I can setup any position of the brand list in each page such as the sidebar, category page, and product detail page.
  • Besides that, advanced WooCommerce brands help me show the quantity of product on each brand. It brings entire view in my stock and promotes sale.

Not only my digital web shop but also another e-commerce store need advanced WooCommerce brands, it makes my site be unique among the crowd and enhances it to a higher level, which makes my clients believe more and more on my shop. Built in WordPress platform, this plugin is one of my favorite, very easy for you to use in your business. Let’s take a look, feel and choose this plugin for your site to promote your sale as I did. It is great!

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