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How to create a landing page that actually converts

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how to create a landing page that actually converts

You have set an effective marketing process, you have paid search ads going, you have checked that your pages are well optimized and the ads are working well, but there are still some problems that make your traffic volume not increase, even decline. You should not be discouraged, probably because you do not have a good landing page. If you desire people not only visit your page but also take action after that, why don’t you include these elements found on a landing page? Each element can be described in each letter of word CONVERTS:

C: Clear Call to Action

O: Offer

N: Narrow Focus

V: Very Important Attributes

E: Effective Headline

R: Resolution-Savvy Layout

T: Tidy Visuals

S:  Social Proof

1. C: Clear Call to Action

In short, the call to action (CTA) is the visitors’ behaviors you expect when they enter your sites such as Shop Now, Sign Up, Try It, Contact Us, See Our Video. You should not add too many other annoying requests, accentuating only one CTA is enough, be clear and attractive. The CTA should be displayed at least once in a visually distinct, centralized, and explicitly buttony-looking button.

2. O: Offer

Give and take is the norm and necessary in trading. If you desire customers to take some action, you can give anything to them in exchange. Offers may be deals or discount but in this industry, you can define offers like a free trial/ version of the product, a whitepaper, or a matching gift. In general, regardless of types of offers, they should be simple and the basic is pairing offers with a deadline to generate a sense of urgency and spur a response.

3. N: Narrow Focus

Adding too much information or choices in your pages may make visitors confused and prolong the time for the decision-making process. Keep in mind that be simple and clear as much as possible is enough, minimize unnecessary elements such as navigation bar and “About” section (limiting content). Everything in your place should be relevant to its purpose. You can use visuals to keep the attention on the most important features of the page.

4. V: Very Important Attributes

At the first time come to your sites, however, customers do not want to read your product manual immediately. It is a great idea if you provide some special things about your product or service; let’s show your strengths in the form such as:

  • Features: should be the newest and hottest
  • Benefits: demonstrate the value customers receive
  • Pain points: how the features can help your visitor avoid misery.

So, You can design them above the fold and locate fuller descriptions below the fold.

5. E: Effective Headline

The smartest way to attract customers is telling them in plain language what your site is all about. Use words as your weapon. So that when writing headlines, you can never forget to be clear and explanatory and then clever. After that, the headline should stand out visually if it is more visual than the logo/name of the site, that’ totally acceptable.

6. R: Resolution-Savvy Layout

The screen sizes people all over the world use to surf the web are not the same. The picture seen in big HD monitor will totally different from 800 x 600 monitors for example. One solution is keeping essential parts of your message in the center top of the screen; the other related parts will be placed lower down on the page. After designing, let’s check with several different screen sizes to make sure that older monitors will be able to see your headline and CTA without scrolling.

7. T: Tidy Visuals

As we mentioned several times above, keeping your sites clean and simple with white spaces will direct people CTA. So, You can design a tidy visual by using:

  • Big font
  • Bullets
  • Videos
  • Images and graphics

Sometimes, less is more. Make sure everything is in service of, and not distracting visitors to take action.

8. S: Social Proof

Because people tend to put more faith in what other people have already approved rather than the new ones. You should add some quotes from beta users, alpha users to prove that someone else has derived value from what you’re offering. It will be even more valuable if your sites include new press attention or great customer quotes. But anyways, you should remember to keep them clean and focused, minimize clashing colors.

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