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Common Web Design Portfolio Mistakes Maybe you don’t know

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While these aren’t the only mistakes you can make, they’re certainly high on the list. As such, ridding your portfolio of these issues can improve it many times over. Let’s take a look at five key mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Not Keeping Your Work Current and Relevant

Having a clearly outdated portfolio can result in a host of negative assumptions and perceptions from your visitors. For example, they may think:

  • Your newer work is not up to scratch compared with your older work.
  • There’s been no new work coming your way.
  • You’ve been applying inconsistent effort across the various projects you undertake.
  • You simply don’t care about the projects you currently work on.

What’s more, visitors who return to your portfolio and see the same old samples will quickly realize that keeping an eye on your work is a waste of time. To address this problem, you’ll simply need to dedicate an hour or two each month to assessing and refreshing your portfolio. For example, you can block out time around a monthly regular task (such as invoicing). Then, look at the projects you’ve finished over the past month, and weigh up whether they’re worthy of your portfolio. Next, take the ‘winners’ and compare them to other pieces in your portfolio – preferably the oldest, but you could also look at the least impressive samples of your work. Either way, you’ll be able to replace any entries that aren’t showing off the full extent of what you can do.

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  1. Showing Little Variety in Your Design Skills

There are plenty of classic web design elements that many designers prefer to avoid – take sliders as a classic example. However, many of those features remain popular, so are still worth considering for inclusion in your portfolio. In other words, you may understandably only want to showcase web designs elements you enjoy, but that may not be what potential customers need to see in order to make a hiring decision. Let’s focus again on sliders. You may decide that while you do implement them, they won’t feature in work samples, in order to discourage clients from asking about them.

However, for a client who wants to use sliders and can’t be swayed, your portfolio isn’t going to help them get a sense for your abilities and skills in that area. Therefore, you’ll want to consider two aspects: the clients you work for, and the final projects you deliver. Thinking about both will give you a clearer idea of what your clients actually look for in your work, and help you make your samples more diverse.

  1. Not Including Proof of Your Success

Third, on our list of common web design portfolio mistakes is a particularly easy error to make. However, it could help or hinder your prospects of winning new work. It helps to think of your portfolio as a business-generating tool, rather than just a creative showcase. This means that everything within it should be geared towards gaining customers, rather than simply promoting approval of your work. Social proof is a great way of showing potential clients that you’re a standout candidate for their next projects.

After all, nothing says that you’re a quality option quite like other businesses offering a thumbs-up. As for how to implement social proof in your own portfolio, case studies are an excellent start. They give a potential client a glimpse at various aspects of your work: the day-to-day process, how you tackle a project, the care and attention to detail you give, and much more. Testimonials are also useful, but they can be seen by some as a marketing ploy. After all, many people are wary of overwhelmingly positive feedback for a business on its own website. Still, as part of a complete social proof package, they can work wonders.

I believe that, with the above arguments, you will see the position of print advertising in business. Hopefully, the topic has brought the most overview for you. Good luck!

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