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How to choose the best WordPress themes for your online stores?

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WordPress themes

There is a truth in our life that is Don’t judge a book by its cover, but it still exists except in the online business world. The harsh truth proves that the design, the layout and overall visual are always the determinants of your visitors and sale amount. Customers usually value your online store through its cover: beautiful, user-friendly. etc. or not. So if you prefer WordPress or even WordPress addict, choosing the best WordPress themes is actually important and this article will provide you some tips to find yourself the niche themes.

Thinking of Your Brand and Products

First of all, you should keep in mind to identify which aspects your online store belongs to selling clothes for young people, selling accessories or furniture, for example. Then, referring to how your competitors’ websites look like. The reason we recommend you to do those tasks because the present WordPress themes are categorized by industry, each aspect you belong to will have some special requirements when designing.

Free or Premium

Generally, the first thing people consider when choosing WordPress themes is price. In the market, there are hundreds, thousands of free and premium themes available for online stores, with some people, free items seem to be the first choice without thinking. But, one question raised is why there are some people choose premium WordPress themes, here is the answer:

WordPress themes

Providing Right Features for Your Needs

1. Responsive

In recent years, the amount of sale happening on mobile devices of each online store usually make up 50% of total sale volume. From that analytic, we suggest that before you decide to choose any WordPress themes, make sure that it is responsive, which will make your site have a thorough look on your tablet and smartphone. The mobile devices’ interface should be similar to the website’s.

2. Fast and Lightweight

Keeping off the themes coming with weird animations, busy loaders, fancy scrollers, weird animations, etc. Those elements are quite effective in attracting visitors to your site but they are too heavy so decreasing your loading page speed as well as creating needless obstacles. If possible, try your best to create a lightweight site, make the images and information of the product you sell display easier, it is a simple and the most effective way to improve user experience.

3. Compatible With Third Party Plugins

Although all WordPress themes can work smoothly with nearly all the plugins nothing is perfect, there is still some exception. Sometimes, you may have some trouble when trying to use several plugins. Therefore, when deciding to run an online store, make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with a variety of good plugins.

4. Including SEO

If your website is not SEO friendly, you cannot be the close friend of the huge Google, it also means that Internet users don’t know who you are. Perhaps, only your friends or people who memorize your site’s address will access your site. If a few years ago, you had to hire a professional SEO to optimize your site, now, WordPress themes will integrate SEO as the default feature, don’t hesitate to spend a little money to buy a premium theme that is integrated with SEO.

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