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Questions and Answers for Buying existing business

If you want to start up, there are a lot of questions you need to answer and a lot of things need to be solved. Therefore people used to find another way to solve it is buying an existing business. Buying a going business is often a great way to get started. This article will take from a legit forum …

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The Special Present For Online Designer Tool

Dear our beloved customers! A new year always comes with many interesting new business ideas. If you are thinking about starting your own online printing business, a competitive field in eCommerce, remember that to succeed you will need to make sure that your store stands out from the crowd. We would like to recommend our Online Design Plugin which will …

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4 MAIN REASONS why you should INVEST in eCommerce

The eCommerce business is piping hot at the moment and everybody wants in: investors, retailers, and of course, job seekers.  The eCommerce industry has tons of great job opportunities that you need to take attention to. Here are a few reasons why everybody with an AACSB online MBA should consider a career in eCommerce. 1. eCommerce is Big and Growing …

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6 way to create a more eco-friendly website (design, hosting & more)

“What is an eco-friendly website? How can a website be bad for the environment!? It’s not even a real thing!”. Does the above might mirror your first reaction? I don’t blame you. It’s hard to imagine something which is completely virtual to have an impact on the real world.  And yet, the Internet contributes two percent of global carbon emissions. …

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One of the downsides to owning your own website or domain is that you have to register and using personal information, in a public directory of sorts.  Anyone can look up a URL or site and easily see the owner, as well as their related contact information. It’s not a big deal until marketers and scammers start soliciting you. How …

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What Are Common Reasons make Slow Loading Websites?

Have you tried optimizing your slow website but the load time still remains the same in Pingdom and GTMetrix speed test? If that’s you, I’m going to show you the underlying reasons responsible for slow loading websites. Low-Quality Hosting Many people have found out after constantly trying out all the page speed optimizations they’ve read online without success, that a …

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It is essential to bring new customers to your e-commerce store, but it is more important to keep them coming back. Customer retention is better than customer acquisition. You can improve the loyalty of your regular customers, which, contrary to popular belief, is a bit more difficult for new customers. Customer retention strategies help your e-commerce store to get traction. …

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Common Web Design Portfolio Mistakes Maybe you don’t know

While these aren’t the only mistakes you can make, they’re certainly high on the list. As such, ridding your portfolio of these issues can improve it many times over. Let’s take a look at five key mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Not Keeping Your Work Current and Relevant Having a clearly outdated portfolio can result in a host of negative …

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Some Key Features on Every Client Site You Create Part 2

Add an Email Management Platform for Integrated Marketing Despite the rise of social media, email marketing is still a prominent and effective strategy. Email management can be a valuable feature to offer your clients and one you can integrate with minimal effort. MailChimp has long been a favorite email platform for WordPress users. Its free accounts and integration plugin make …

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How To Keep Your Ecommerce Business Agile as It Grows

As you grow your e-commerce business, keeping it agile becomes a challenge. Here’s how you can keep your business agile, even while growing. Scaling a company is hard, but scaling successfully is even harder. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses. There are countless tools that make it easier for even the smallest brands and retailers to make their mark, …

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