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Benefits and risks of designing WordPress plugins as Saas solutions

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WordPress plugins as Saas solutions

Benefits of designing WordPress plugins as Saas solutions:

  1. Returning income

There is one fact that within a year, monthly usage fee adds up to a nice amount of money that you may not have been able to demand as a single payment. Saas model will support you a lot in collecting more money for your plugin than before. If it is the first time, you had better draw a very detailed plan including a number of subscribers you need to recover all your yearly costs.

  1. Protection from Piracy

You do not have to give your code out, so there is no reason for losing it. Don’t ignore this essential factor because you can earn for living by creating a plugin. Reverse engineering of WordPress plugins is not too hard but it does not mean that it is the same as with real software.

  1. Easier development

I mean you can do anything you want. Your customers might be actually happy if you hyperactively push out new features. No more updates installed so you don’t need to pay attention to the security of the old version. Naturally, life becomes easier.

I believe that you also feel interested if you know that the cloud server you want to use is the only relevant environment that your SaaS has to run on. Your dream will come true if it doesn’t matter what environment requirements your clients have.

  1. Feedback and usage data

Besides the fact that you had sold your plugins, you do not know where your plugins are used, the size of pages using those WordPress plugins, whether they work smoothly or occur some critical errors. When you design WordPress plugins as Saas solutions, you will have more rights to access the things that you did not have as before. You will know about your customer feedbacks, what are the weakness of plugins sent automatically from usage data. You can also get target group metrics, have access to more than sheer addresses and you can effectively look into the demands of your potential clients.

Risks of designing WordPress plugins as Saas solutions:

  1. Customer Acceptance Regarding the Price

Not everybody is happy and ready to open their wallets and pay money to rent a  WordPress plugin. To reach consumers, you need to go a long journey with smart communication strategy and your product allows for the believable development of this type of strategy. If you just try to develop an exotic plugin that allows your customers to import a remote file format, to execute a particular action that may be required once a year, I believe that it will be the nightmare for you to find out a reasonable strategy that leads to a constant income. Therefore, remember to identify your target client and sell your plugin via one-time payment.

  1. Customer Acceptance Regarding Data Protection

The convenience of WordPress plugins as Saas solutions is processing information no need to happen on your customers’ servers. However, this convenience about processor power and storage space also comes with some fees and you will be the one paying for  AWS, Azure or any other platform service providers. Depending on what type of information is being processed, your clients will only feel safe if it’s made clear, who stores the data, as well as where, and why it’s stored.

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