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Why should avoid using Free WordPress Themes?

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Free WordPress Themes

From the first start, WordPress has only been a favorite blogging platform, but in about two or three recent years, it has appeared and developed to possess all the CMS functionalities serving the business website. Due to the popularity of WordPress, there is one fact that a lot of WordPress themes are pirated.

So to avoid the problems related to license and a number of security risks involved, you should consider those complexities and disadvantages that the free themes cause and create listed in this article. Here they are:

1. Poor First Impression

We had tried several free WordPress themes for our website and after asking customers’ opinions, we found that the free WordPress theme is lackluster and cannot engage a web visitor. It is simply because you get what you pay, free version, of course, cannot provide enough modern features that will improve navigation as well as the presentation of content.

2. Hidden Costs

Free WordPress theme will lower your SEO rankings, it is the truth. There will be outbound links to different websites included in your site, you can never uninstall these links until you uninstall that free theme and go for the original theme.

3. Plugin Incompatibility

If you are using free WordPress themes, kind of advanced Plug-in will not be installed to your website while those plug-ins support the upgraded themes is really necessary for your business, if you do not have themes, you will cope with business losses, bad SEO and poor retention of web visitors.

4. No Updates

Of course, no money will equal to no update. No developer gives you updated version if you are not willing to pay any money, which will lead to poor website functionality.

5. Actually less Number Of Features

Free WordPress themes will not come with modern features such as Parallax Scrolling, multiple browser compatibility or CSS3 scripting. Moreover, a site with a free theme will load slower and annoy users with its navigational aspects.

6. No Customer Support

Customer support service will not be included in free WordPress Themes. If you have any questions or problems, you have to deal with them by yourself. The fact proved that many bloggers have to uninstall their cheap and free theme and choose a good one for having an all-time and better web presence. So, professional support plays an important role in running the website successfully. Paying fee means that you will be able to enjoy 24/7 support to solve all your queries and problems in your site.

7. May Not Be Responsive

When customers increasingly prefer mobile devices, a website without a responsive feature will lead to a higher chance of losing customers due to poor web-surfing and shopping experience.

8. Professional Themes Cost Low

Paid and professional themes do not cost high, it is usually about under $50 but you can own the best of modern technological features. They will engage the customers better; keep customers on your site longer with a clear presentation of content, seamless navigation, and best-in-class graphics and animation.

9. No SEO

As we mentioned above, free WordPress themes are usually heavy so, they will take more time for loading. No clean, written codes, no advanced plug-in compatibility will lead to poor SEO and the giant Google don’t like that.

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