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Pandora WordPress travel theme

What do we have in Pandora WordPress Travel theme?

There are two clauses I want to mention in this article: we are in the Internet era, that is the first one and the second is people, nowadays, love to travel than ever before. You might wonder how these two clauses relate to each other, I can say that they link so closely. When you combine two of them, you …

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WordPress Theme Frameworks for 2018

Most popular WordPress theme frameworks in 2018

WordPress theme framework is the topic that both developers and users concern about. Framework will describe the foundation of a WordPress theme, it contains the code library used for development of theme and also consists of basic features and design elements. If the old version has some problems that you could not upgrade the WordPress themes without losing your customization, …

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How To Choose Better Platform WordPress Magento or Drupal

WordPress, Drupal and Magento: Which one should you choose?

E-commerce platforms are software programs to create websites and manage them. There are a lot of platforms available on the market now. However, in this article, we just focus on the three most outstanding open source solutions: WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. Hope you like it! Key features for all CMS The tools for searching for and find the content they …

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Common WordPress mistakes

The 5 common WordPress mistakes users should consider to avoid

Have you ever heard that: To err is human? Yeah, I want to say that it is absolutely true. This quotation is not just true for human because nothing in this world is perfect, WordPress is not exceptional. When mistakes happen, ok, we can learn right from wrong. It will become the crime only when you repeat the mistakes. Therefore, …

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How to uninstall WordPress plugins in the most proper way

How to uninstall WordPress plugins in the most proper way?

It is analyzed that there are over 50000 WordPress plugins available on the market, a lot of users tend to try several plugins to compare a few different to  accomplish tasks or solve problems on their site. When the problems are solved, they usually suppose that when they do not need those plugins any more, just uninstall it by deactivating …

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Woocommerce product designer plugin

Woocommerce product designer plugin with the convenience from social media

In about ten recent years, the appearance of social media has changed significantly the marketing strategies of business owners. A lot of printing web owners agree that social media help them acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing clients. Of course, it cannot replace the traditional sale but it will increase traffic to your site, increase the interaction between …

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Use social media to boost your search engine ranking with 3 killer tips

Use social media to boost your search engine ranking with 3 killer tips

It is not by chance that any SEO campaigns, recently, usually stick to the social media campaign. Any marketing experts understand the importance of social media in improving search engine ranking. That is the theory, but how you can apply it to real life is always a question. And many people wonder how you can make sure that your social …

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online product desigber and digital printing

Online product designer and digital printing: unstoppable development

Have been appearing for a time but digital printing is still white hot and this market has been becoming more and more crowd thanks to the vigor and enthusiasm of talented business owners. If one decade ago, the total value of the digital printing industry just represented under a fifth of the offset print market. However, when digital technology has …

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How to choose the best WordPress theme for your business

How can you choose perfect WordPress theme for your website?

A lot of business owners feel confused when deciding to choose among so many paid and free themes available on the market. Every WordPress seems to appear quite perfectly so how can you know, which theme is perfect for you? You might be stuck in vast of things like background color, font type, font color and font size to the …

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WordPress Printshop theme online design package

New upgrade features for WordPress printshop theme version 4.2.0

With the hope of bringing the perfect products to customers, the professional developer team of Netbase has worked actually tirelessly to improve and upgrade WordPress printshop theme. From the first time of being released, this WordPress printshop online design has been preferred by a large number of users because of its flexibility, impression, and convenience. Recently, Netbase team released the …

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