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8 reasons to choose WordPress for your site (part 2)

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In part 1, we had introduced and analyzed the first for the reason why WordPress is the right choice for your business website. In this next part, we will give you the rest of the reason list. I hope you find it useful for your site!

5. SEO Management and Tracking

WordPress is an SEO friendly e-commerce platform, it comes with a lot of plugins that enable  Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags and H1 Tags, the crucial aspect for SEO purposes. These are the different types of phrases or keywords that search engines pick up on to arrange results listings. There are particular criteria and data for you to evaluate how well your sites, pages or posts are SEO-optimized, whether there are any mistakes related to readability or SEO. With some third party plugins, you can evaluate performance for certain keywords over a given period of time. Particular data and statistics will always give you the whole picture to make the plan for improving online marketing strategy.

6. Large Developer Community

WordPress community is known as one of the biggest and most popular developer communities in cyberspace. It is used by over 20% of online websites all over the world. With all professions and enthusiasm, WordPress developers always put all their effort to improve the site create and revise plugins to serve other users better, bring customers the best service. All people who have the passion and can add to the product, WordPress are all welcome them to contribute source code. Due to this flexibility and diversity of skills, we are sure that WordPress will have the best of all worlds and can satisfy even the most demanding users.

7. Being used By All Types of Companies

Nowadays, WordPress users are not confined within part-time bloggers or start-ups, we mean the small organizations. If you look at the giant like The New York Times, Time, Sony Music, etc, they are all the most typical users who are successful with WordPress. So, do you feel curious about why WordPress is the go-to platform? The reason is in easily scalable as well as able to grow with a company, but it is not too complex for large corporations to be master in a short time. No matter what you are working with, blog or international magazine, WordPress still can optimize your site and deal with the workload.

8. E-commerce with a lot of options

WordPress will allow users to locate quickly free basic plugins that are suitable for any type of store, regardless of their size. Many of these are a part of existing pre-made themes, some of which were specifically created for online retail. WordPress themes may include both cart processing and order forms, while a select few even cover shipping. If you know how to take advantage of those WordPress plugins, it is far easier than integrating the same features into your existing site.

All in all, we can define WordPress as the extendable, customizable e-commerce platform, that was built even for non-technical users. So, don’t hesitate to try it! No risk but high return!

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