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8 reasons to choose WordPress for your site (part 1)

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How long have you not updated your site? Do you think that it’s time for refreshing your site? Of course, you want your site to be optimized the best. You know that you should be careful but your capital budget is not enough to hire developers. What should you do? WordPress is the ultimate choice for you.

With web owners who always desire to update their site frequently, a content management system like WordPress will allow them to control without information technology requirements. One thing is that WordPress is not a piece of software, it runs on a live server; therefore, any changes you made will be published immediately. All you have to do is just picking a theme that can satisfy all your needs, the management process will be very convenient with a user-friendly dashboard.

To clarify all the doubts about this e-commerce platform, in this article, we will give you top eight main reasons why WordPress should always be the first choice when you decide to create a business website from scratch:

1. Come with a variety of plugins:

A lot of long years WordPress users said that the main reason they decided to choose WordPress is in the thing we called “plugins”. In short, plugins are the add-on that will be installed to your dashboard to expand the site’s capabilities. So, let’s take an example of it. you can start an image gallery, a members-only area, a photo carousel, a slideshow or incorporate social media accounts. Those are just several among thousands of WordPress plugins available. Depending on your purposes, you can type keyword via your dashboard to search the best suitable plugins for your site.

2. Optimizing for both tablets and smartphones

With WordPress responsive themes, that optimizing your website for any internet-enabled device becomes so easy than ever. Responsive theme, as its name, will ensure the appearance and experience of customers on your site will be the same regardless of devices customers use. Uniform and adequate experience, ok? Double-checking is so important for users to ensure that your branding and unique content will have still remained when you access them from a regular PC or laptop, and WordPress can finish this task. The only part we suggest you change is the layout. You must customize it to each separate screen. Although we said that WordPress is so easy and simple to use, it will re-create complex enough for skilled developers who desire to spend more time improving upon the design.

3. Update content easily

As we mentioned above, WordPress does not require users to have knowledge about codes or programming, you still can build a very basic site. You just need to follow what is written carefully in easy-to-understand instructions. You can totally load text, images and other types of content without the worry of memorizing the complex code. That is the reason why WordPress is preferred by the majority of bloggers and businesses. Saving time also means saving money.

4. Have Blogging Built In

Blogging is always an effective and powerful marketing tool, but to incorporate a blog into a ready-made site is never a simple task. However, don’t worry, everything will be done rapidly if you use WordPress. Uploading and publishing posts will be finished just in few minutes. In the dashboard, you can copy, paste, trash, edit and hyperlink, upload articles, videos, images. Moreover, WordPress also provides a feature that allows you to preview your post before publishing.

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