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5 mistakes of T-shirt solution your printing site should avoid

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T-shirt might be the most popular costume in the world. You can see people wear it everywhere regardless of culture and region. From the fashionista to normal people, from the elder to the young, they all have some T-shirts in their clothes collection. Because they prefer the convenience and comfort of T-shirt, the demand for T-shirt printing has increased day by day. In this article I will list out 5 mistakes of T-shirt solution your printing site should avoid improving your business:

  1. Poor images quality

With most of T-shirt printing, the requirement image quality is at least 300 dpi. Let’s me explain about it, if you choose low image quality, when you print them on your T-shirt, the images will be broken. Let’s imagine how do you feel when you wear a T-shirt with low quality of printing images? Of course, uncomfortable and unconfident! So, I want to remind you that if you search through Google, let’s select large size images only in the search tools. From the point of view of long-year experience printing business owners, we recommend you to avoid the images from Whats-app or Facebook because they are all compressed images so they will pixelate after printing. Our WordPress T-shirt solution allows you to upload high-quality images from various sources.

  1. Dark Color T-Shirt Printing

I mention this mistake to remind the one who wants to print on a dark colored t-shirt. there might be an additional step in the printing process. A base layer of white ink might be printed first to ensure a better quality of the print. Also, check with your printers whether you need a white or transparent background to get the expected results without any compromise.

  1. Borders that Pixelate

As I mentioned above, you should choose high-quality images but many times, you have chosen proper images but you are not totally satisfied with the final product. Why? Because the borders tend to pixelate. T-shirt solution from Netbase team comes with Woocommerce product designer plugin that will support a lot of tools to refine the edges of your image to ensure better quality prints.

  1. Missing Fonts

In several cases, some printing solution providers forget to convert the text to curves or attach the font used along with the file or their website does not support that font, the result will be like the printer might replace customers’ font with the ones they have. That’s so bad. Therefore, in T-shirt solution, Netbase team provides your vast collection of fonts and if you still find that is not enough, you and your customers can upload fonts from other sources to enrich the collection, so convenient!

  1. Not Knowing Vectors

Sometimes, certain printing techniques like screen or vinyl require vector files that can be scaled up without any loss. Therefore, remember to talk to your printers to understand vectors properly. This step will help you avoid losing small details and in the printing process and make sure that you only give the right file format to your printers.

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