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The 5 common WordPress mistakes users should consider to avoid

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Common WordPress mistakes

Have you ever heard that: To err is human? Yeah, I want to say that it is absolutely true. This quotation is not just true for human because nothing in this world is perfect, WordPress is not exceptional. When mistakes happen, ok, we can learn right from wrong. It will become the crime only when you repeat the mistakes. Therefore, that’s the reason why we post this article to help you note the most common mistake every one of us makes in the beginning. Hope after reading this tip, your WordPress site will be better, faster and more secure and of course a success.

  1. Choosing inappropriate or even defective theme

The theme you choose will be the key factor deciding the success of WordPress site, it will decide your rank in search engine. There are three criteria should be considered when you choosing a WordPress theme are the ease of use for you, a reasonable price, and a reputed company.

A free WordPress theme is also not a bad idea but because it is free, so there are some needed features lacks. You can try a trial version and if you like, you can pay money for a Premium WordPress theme. I bet that it will be much better.

  1. Using the default favicon

You can also see favicon as the identity card for your website but it seems that a lot of WordPress users are ignoring their favicon and let it to appear as the default, or provided by their Theme Company or Web Hosting Provider.

To make your website more professional, let’s start with a small thing like a favicon. Change it right now if you haven’t already. You can create by yourself or choose from the generators available around the web.

  1. Complicated categories and tags

WordPress is so good at categorizing content with tags. Users found it as the revolution and have created too many categories and tags, as they think this will make ease for their customers. No, it’s not. In fact, it is a negative manner. Just imagine that your site becomes ugly and difficult to navigate, users leave your website, and everything from SEO to load time is all influenced.

  1. Forgetting to install a caching plug-in

This is so common mistake of beginners when they ignore to install a caching plug-in, they might forget or don’t know that website speed plays a major role in getting higher rankings on Google. Caching is used to increase efficiency, prevent downtime, and decrease the load time of your site, whenever it gets huge loads of traffic. Therefore, to make sure that your site can sustain a lot of traffic at once without crashing, you should use a caching plug-in and Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well.

  1. Say NO to WordPress updates

Since the first time it was launched, WordPress has got updated more than 20 times. WordPress core developers and contributors are constantly working to improve its speed, efficiency, and user-interface. Whenever a vulnerability or bug is found, it gets a new update. That would be a misunderstanding if someone thinks that their WordPress site may break while performing an update. Never forget, a newer version is created for a genuine reason. Therefore, you should never ignore a WordPress update.

You want to eliminate all those issues but you are not a master of programming? The best idea is choosing WordPress themes from reputation providers. One of them is Cmsmart Marketplace, if you have any problem, you can create a ticket and they will solve for you properly.

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