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4 reasons why choose wordpress for eCommerce site

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When choosing which platform for your eCommerce, WordPress has all of the hallmarks of a suitable solution. Below, we’ll discuss four of the main reasons it’s a smart pick!

1. WordPress Is Highly Scalable and Stable

When we talk about ‘scalability’, we’re referring to how well WordPress adapts to your site’s growth over time. As a full Content Management System (CMS), the platform is robust enough to either stay small or expand to whatever size and scale you need.

Of course, it’s worth noting that your web host has as big a role to play in your site’s scalability as its platform. For example, if you sign up for a small shared hosting plan in order to run a simple blog, it should run smoothly as long as your traffic numbers stay low. However, if your blog receives the dreaded ‘Reddit Hug of Death‘, those guarantees are thrown out the window.

If you take a look at the WordPress Website Showcase, you’ll see that it’s packed with a number of very high-profile sites, such as The Village Voice and TechCrunch. This means that the platform has your back, whatever your goals happen to be.

2. The Platform Offers Rock-Solid Security

Security is vital for any online store, and not just for your own sake. It’s also vital to protect your customers at all costs. Since WordPress houses just about all of the data you’ll need under one roof, malicious users who break their way in can cause a lot of damage.

To illustrate the point, consider the kinds of information the platform will hold once you begin running an e-commerce store. Your database will include customer login credentials, payment information, and other sensitive details. Letting any of that data be compromised would be a disaster for your store and its users. It is the reason why your site needs plenty of protection.

And now is the shining time of WordPress. WordPress was built from the ground up to be inherently secure. The platform protects you deep down within its core code, and it’s easy to enhance your site’s security even further. For example, you can quickly set up a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate with your host.

3. Sidestep the ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Look of Other Platforms

WordPress has definitely had a hand in evolving the design of the internet as a whole. The platform has outgrown these early stylistic staples, and can now be thoroughly customized in terms of appearance and layout. This is made simple thanks to the vast number of themes and plugins that are available – many of them completely free. There are also a number of security plugins available, such as Wordfence, to help you protect your site even further.

What’s more, the code WordPress is built on is very developer-friendly. This means you can create or commission a custom design to meet your exact requirements. Plus, there is a multitude of ‘page builder’ plugins – drag-and-drop tools that let you slot the elements you need onto the page, and create your site without the need to know anything about code.

In fact, WordPress has just recently introduced its own native Block Editor, which offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to your content’s layout and features. Some plugins, you can create highly-customized product pages with ease.

4. WordPress Is an Affordable Point of Entry

When you’re starting a new e-commerce store, you’re likely working with a minimal (or non-existent) budget. Fortunately, this platform is a very cost-effective solution. While running a shop based on WordPress isn’t completely free, you’ll need to spend a lot less than you would with many competing platforms.

Let’s check out the bare minimum requirements for setting up a website:

A domain: Around $10–12 per year.

Web hosting: This can vary, but around $30/month.

WordPress: The platform itself won’t cost you a cent, as it’s free to download and use.

That’s all you need to get your e-commerce website off the ground. Of course, there are other options you can spend some money on. If you want to bolster your security with further protection, for example, that may bump up the cost. You might want to look into some premium e-commerce plugins, and consider picking up a dedicated e-commerce theme.

If you’d like to outsource the development of your site, that’s likely to push the cost up quite a bit. Unless you’re looking to do something particularly ambitious, however, chances are you can handle everything you need without outside help.


When it comes to e-commerce, WordPress is king. While there are plenty of dedicated platforms for selling your products, few can offer the same level of power, protection, and personalization. What’s more, with the free WooCommerce plugin you’ll have no excuses for creating a store that’s anything less than stellar.

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