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4 MAIN REASONS why you should INVEST in eCommerce

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invest in ecommerce
4 main reasons

The eCommerce business is piping hot at the moment and everybody wants in: investors, retailers, and of course, job seekers.  The eCommerce industry has tons of great job opportunities that you need to take attention to. Here are a few reasons why everybody with an AACSB online MBA should consider a career in eCommerce.

1. eCommerce is Big and Growing

Ecommerce evolution
Big and grown

Experts estimate the value of the eCommerce industry to be more than $1 trillion and it is predicted that it will grow at a constant rate of 17% for the next few years. Clearly, eCommerce is now not only one of the biggest business sectors currently, but also one of the fastest-growing. Behind this rapid growth are emerging markets such as China, Russia, Brazil, and India.

Take China’s online market, for instance – it trades in goods worth more than $1 billion every day. Another factor behind the growth of online selling is the wide adoption of the mobile phone. Mobile eCommerce accounts for about 20% of the market share. And with the increasing adoption of the smartphone, this share is set to rise.

Looking at the facts, it’s obvious that careers in eCommerce are growing as fast as the industry itself. For this reason, many people are rushing to study online MBA programs, so that they can use them to land eCommerce jobs.

2. eCommerce Imparts Managerial Skills

Imparts skills

Working in eCommerce brings you to all aspects of a business. Such aspects include marketing, setting prices, supply chain management, customer support, and customer acquisition among others. In other industries, responsibilities are maintained by managers. And even they are lucky if they handle most of the aspects listed.

So, working in eCommerce is a good way to learn managerial skills that you can use later in other fields of business. The experience also looks good on your resume, which makes it easier for you to advance in your career.

3. Learn More by Working in eCommerce

By working in ecommerce
Learn to work

The beauty of eCommerce is that you can receive feedback from customers instantly. Compared to traditional forms of selling, this feedback will bring you a great advantage. You can learn from it, and then quickly having a different business strategy. The next step is to apply the new strategy, and just as fast. And soon enough, you get actionable results.

This ability to test new business ideas and get results in real-time is unique to eCommerce. Nowhere else can you learn marketing strategies this fast.

4. Understand Customers Better

Customer Insight
Know your customer

Customer feedback can do a lot of things, more than teaching you how to market products better. It also gives you an insight into the customer’s mind, and what he or she wants. You get a “feel” for the customer that forces you to become more consumer-oriented. Therefore, you draw the connection between who a customer is and how he or she shops. In short, this “feel” makes you a better marketer.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider a career in eCommerce. For one, it is a big and fast-growing sector, so it has plenty of jobs available. Next, you learn managerial skills when you work in this field. This industry will impart crucial marketing skills for you. Finally, eCommerce is customer-oriented to train you to be a better marketer.

If you feel interested in eCommerce, don’t be hesitant to invest in it because this industry growing very fast. Let’s take a chance to reach success. Visit CMSmart for full solution for your eCommerce site. We have 7 main full solutions for eCommerce and many powerful features for you.

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