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15 Feature of E-commerce website certain must have (part 1)

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Feature of e-commerce website

The features of e-commerce website certain must have to attract online shoppers on the website. Discover detain the functions that help your e-commerce website “sell like hotcakes”. An e-commerce website in addition to the basic features of a normal website such as Introduction, news, contact, image, promotion, advertising, slide… also needs to integrate features support electronic transactions and sales management. Key features include:

  • Product catalog management, electronic shopping cart.
  • Manage customer/member information.
  • Integrate online payment
  • Trade statistics system

Let’s follow list 15 features certain must have to attract online shopper on the e-commerce website that CMSmart has summarized

Easy to use

Always keep all simple as possible. Towards simplicity is always the goal of the design. According to research, 76% of consumers think that the most important requirement of the website is to be easy to use.

Use high-quality photos and videos

Over time the sales time with a single photo with a few bullets about features and prices. Consumers today want to see angles of products in many different environments. They want to zoom in to track details and feel the product.

The website with Mobile (Mobile-Friendly) version

Google once stated this: All websites are required to have a mobile version from 2017 otherwise they will suffer poor SEO results. According to statistics, there are 3 purchases that have 1 transaction made on mobile.

User rating

Consumers have a habit of reading reviews. About 92% said product star ratings are their number one concern. You may think that having a negative review will kill the business. But actually the opposite. Without negative reviews, consumers will think that those positive reviews are fake or negative reviews have been deleted.

Special offer

Special offers will encourage consumers to buy more and spend more time searching for the site. If e-commerce sites use continuous promotions, providing a single website that aggregates incentives will not only increase sales but also improve SEO.

Find-in- store

Not all e-commerce sites have store branches. However, if so, your web site must not ignore this feature. You can use the Find-in-store feature to check if your favorite products are available at all stores across the country. From there, promote consumers to shop more online.

Thanks for watching my post. I hope my post brought many exciting things. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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