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15 essential features of an e-commerce website (Part 2)

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                                                 Feature of e-commerce website

You need to develop an e-commerce website to trade products and service?  In the previous article, we went halfway to the topic 15 certain feature must have available of an e-commerce website. Apart from that factor, is there any feature that is necessary?

All websites try to design their own way with many improvements catch up technology age. The trends of e-commerce website design such as: using animation, product 360- degree preview. However, If only follow this trend is not enough. Because it isn’t guaranteed a good rate conversion and user experience. There is a factor that each e-commerce website need to maintain competitive and appropriate. Let’s follow together some next feature to attract the online shopper on the e-commerce website that CMSmart has summarized below:

The relate product

When you see the phrase “Maybe you will like”, The customer will be curious and continue to search the related products. This item on the e-commerce website creates the desired effect that many marketers strive to achieve.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions are also helpful when online shopping. Provide a support area to solve the general problem of the customer. The buyer often asks about product support, return, loss of account password…

Social Media

Brands and online sellers connect with buyers with emotions, thereby building trust and brand support. Social networking is undeniable and the opportunity to engage with an audience is easier than ever. Social profile links and user content usage are mandatory features on the website

 Security features

Online trading is an indispensable activity in today’s technology life. Thus, e-commerce websites become the focus of high-tech criminals. So the important thing is that online sellers must know how to protect customer information and take steps to ensure privacy

 Advanced payment options

In the world of Apple Pay and PayPal everywhere, advanced payment options are a must-have feature for an e-commerce website. Consumers only need to have a registered account to shop easily with one click

 Detailed shipping information

An alarming fact is that the higher cost of delivery is the reason for stopping consumer purchases. E-commerce websites need to display delivery information before the payment process and discount code or FREESHIP on the page’s visible location.

Solution of designing e-commerce website CMSmart brings strong support features for users when performing web browsing and purchasing, ordering, and payment conveniently and fully supporting people admin in the process of managing product content, processing orders and exploiting commercial information from the system, facilitating the deployment of marketing programs on the website conveniently to target customers.

Thanks for watching my post about “essential features of an e-commerce website”.  I hope my post brought many exciting things. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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