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What do we have in Pandora WordPress Travel theme?

Pandora WordPress travel theme

There are two clauses I want to mention in this article: we are in the Internet era, that is the first one and the second is people, nowadays, love to travel than ever before. You might wonder how these two clauses relate to each other, I can say that they link so closely. When you combine two of them, you …

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Most popular WordPress theme frameworks in 2018

WordPress Theme Frameworks for 2018

WordPress theme framework is the topic that both developers and users concern about. Framework will describe the foundation of a WordPress theme, it contains the code library used for development of theme and also consists of basic features and design elements. If the old version has some problems that you could not upgrade the WordPress themes without losing your customization, …

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Woocommerce product designer plugin with the convenience from social media

Woocommerce product designer plugin

In about ten recent years, the appearance of social media has changed significantly the marketing strategies of business owners. A lot of printing web owners agree that social media help them acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing clients. Of course, it cannot replace the traditional sale but it will increase traffic to your site, increase the interaction between …

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Online product designer and digital printing: unstoppable development

online product desigber and digital printing

Have been appearing for a time but digital printing is still white hot and this market has been becoming more and more crowd thanks to the vigor and enthusiasm of talented business owners. If one decade ago, the total value of digital printing industry just represented under a fifth of the offset print market. However, when digital technology has boomed, …

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Compare WordPress and Shopify: When, for Whom and Why? (part 1)

WordPress and Shopify

For every 10 questions we receive every day, there will be 3 or 4 questions related to WordPress and Shopify, they are usually: – Should I use WordPress or Shopify? – The pros and cons of WordPress and Shopify – Which one is cheaper and more effective? etc. Like most of choice questions in our life, if you ask whether …

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8 reasons to choose WordPress for your site (part 2)

WordPress ecommerce

In part 1, we had introduced and analyzed the first for reason why WordPress is the right choice for your business website. In this next part, we will give you the rest of reason list. Hope you find it useful for your site! SEO Management and Tracking WordPress is SEO friendly ecommerce platform, it comes with a lot of plugins …

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