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25 proven signs you are WordPress addict

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It is not exaggerated when we say that WordPress Community is so awesome. This community was built from the intelligent and passionate people who always put all their effort to improve the world’s great Content Management System.

For some people, they simply prefer to use WordPress for their site, but for some people, WordPress is not just the favorite, it almost becomes the obsession. With those people, they are more protective and loyal to WordPress than any others; WordPress seems to be the most prized possessions. We can call them by WORDPRESS ADDICT. You could find some document they talk about this phenomenon but it is pretty generic, not clear enough for you to decide whether one person is WordPress addict or not. By investigating several time, collecting data from both theory and reality, we created a list of sign of WordPress addict, if you want to contribute your opinion, leave the comment at the bottom of article.

You are a WordPress addict if…

  1. You see your RSS feed and WordPress blogs are the majority, they are far more than any others.
  2. Chrome Sniffer was installed just to check whether your site you are visiting is using WordPress.
  3. Whatever you had done all the day, the finally thing you do before going to sleep is still checking your WordPress dashboard (complete with comments and analytics).
  4. When you get up, the first thing you do is also checking your WordPress dashboard.
  5. You are subscribed to the web
  6. Instead of continuing to find plugins to solve your problems, you spend more time and put more effort on developing them.
  7. Because you are not able to code plugins to solve the problems you are coping with, you pay money to hire others solve for you.
  8. You do not want to visit locations without wi-fi.
  9. You start to contact to other webmasters to consult with them to find the plugins that are being used on their site.
  10. You pre-ordered a WordPress 10th Anniversary t-shirt.
  11. You contact to reputation software development companies, ask them custom pricing.
  12. You’ve written diatribes at least one time about the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
  13. You tend to have exaggerated reaction whenever you heard someone talk they are using the WordPress theme editor.
  14. You know the bio of Matt Mullenweg, Vladimir Prelovac, Mark Jaquith and Joost de Valk.
  15. When someone write WordPress with a lowercase “p”, you tend to cringe.
  16. You can wake up at the mid night and write immediately a blog post if the ideas run through your head.
  17. You immediately feel excited when someone refers to a blog post as a “blog”.
  18. You can spend hours on choosing between two plugins although the differences between them do not cause the significant difference in user experience.
  19. You want to chastise people who use fake WordPress logo.
  20. You always love a plugin downloaded a handful of times and you will promote it to the world.
  21. In your mind, jetpack refers to a plugin.
  22. You spend more time to read and talk about WordPress rather than you working with it.
  23. Your dream is meeting Matt Mullenweg.
  24. Creating a child theme in fifteen seconds.
  25. Traveling to other countries just to serve the purpose of going to a WordCamp.

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